Pour one out for Quorm

Such an unusual thread about breadcrumbs. I think both @quorm and @ryanjamurphy had some valuable insights and I am glad to have had both points of view. I fail to understand the conflict.

But, how are plugins for Obsidian any different than Vim plugins or just about any user generated material ?

I am saddened to see @quorm leave. But, I see nothing wrong with Ryan’s response. Well these are stressful times and as others have said there may be unknown factors outside of this discussion at play.


I agree @DrJJWMac

I would also respectfully remind people that this thread is dealing with someone who is no longer here, so let’s be wise, kind, and generous with our grace.


A good reason to heed @Jeremy 's advice just above.

An hour ago I received some very unsatisfactory work from someone. My first response was pretty negative and harsh but - in part because of this thread - I realized I should tone it down, be more positive, and ask more questions. I got an auto-response immediately that the person was out of the office, and within minutes the supervisor reached out to me to make sure I knew that the person’s father had died on Sunday. You never know what else is happening in someone’s life.


Thanks for sharing this all. Being in conversation with one person is difficult even when we are in the same room. Multiple disembodied voices from around the world is a bazillion times trickier. Martin Buber got it so right:

I enjoy reading and listening to your posts all so thanks for giving so generously.


Please don’t. I can think of many things to lose sleep over; this isn’t one of them. As @karlnyhus said above, @quorm had “sharp elbows”. You wrote a sincere apology, and that should mean something.

But, as @Jeremy so eloquently said, we must be ‘generous generous with out grace’.


I probably could have said it better (:wink:), but what you said I agree with……just my feeble attempt to lighten the subject but at the same time totally agree with you!


Oh no, not @quorm too :sob:


I think you take too much on your own shoulders to think this way.

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You know, it has to be rather tricky sometimes with moderating a forum such as Mac Power Users talk. But there were so many people trying to discourage him from leaving, that I question if that was precisely the right time to close the thread.

Ryan, And I certainly agree that intrinsic motivation is hard to top because it is doing something for the joy of it. Can’t get much better than that except intrinsic motivation and reasonable compensation. Sometimes you can have both.


I’m not at all surprised that yet another MPU member has left the building. Whenever someone has an opinion, people take it very, very personally. Posts get flagged and what have you. That’s no way to have a healthy debate.


I’ve made this mistake in the past, sent an angry email or forum post and felt bad about it. So I learned about the Lincoln Unsent Letter and try to practice this technique. When Lincoln was angry, he would write an angry letter, but instead of sending it, would just put it in the drawer unsent. (You can read more about that here).

So now if I’m about to write an angry forum post or email, I’ll fire up Drafts and write the angry message. Then I let it sit for a day or two. If I really think it is still important to send, I’ll send it, but most of the time I just archive it after I cooled down and no longer think it’s a good idea.


Do you have any tips for how to do this in person? Could use it in meetings.


always help to think about what you would do when you are in reverse situation. Consider what triggers the response (or background) of the ‘reversed you’


I discovered this forum because I was looking for Keyboard Maestro and automation / workflow advice.
Coming from Reddit and Macrumors I was baffled how friendly and nice people are here. Since then I always have it in an open tab and it’s the first place I go for asking questions or posting new discoveries. A really nice community. Maybe people get a thinner skin if they are used to it.
On Reddit you can get downvoted into oblivion if you just ask the wrong question or are too critical in the wrong sub.


Count to ten. I know it’s a cliché but it does work.

Sometimes :smirk:

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I’m a bit of a “tweet & delete” person. All the thoughts come rushing in and I think I am so clever or funny or both and, then when I see it live, I just delete it as fast as I can. It doesn’t help the situation and it does reflect poorly on me.



Although I am, of course, respecting his decision I will be missing Quorm, his comments were always insightful.


Exactly right. The “apparent” cause of an argument/problem/issue is often far removed from the “actual” cause which may have been building for months and/or may be totally unrelated.


Twitter would be much better if it held all tweets for an hour, then asked if you were still sure you wanted to post that! I don’t think many of my tweets would
make the cut!


That is harder, but try to stick to facts. Use as few adjectives as possible. Instead of saying “your buggy software always crashes, when are you going to fix it?” Say something like “I’ve noticed an uptick in crash reports recently, was there a code change recently rolled out?”