Programming mouse buttons

I just received my new mouse - a Logitech MX Master 3 (thanks for the tip @MacSparky).

A few things so far:

  • Love how it feels in my hand
  • Works really smoothly on my standing desk, unlike the Magic Mouse
  • Sideways scroll is really nice
  • Switches quickly between my iPad and MacBook - you need to turn the mouse upside down which is a bit annoying, but the alternative would probably result in me switching by accident which would annoy me more (and I actually don’t switch too often)
  • I like the thumb rest, and I love how it launches the app switcher (i.e. Control + Tab) - it’s a bit hard to press and move the mouse though
  • The scrollers are really smooth and nice to use
  • It has programmable buttons, which seem like a great idea (e.g. use with BTT). I’m currently using the side buttons for page up and page down

My use of the programmable buttons feels uninspired! For those of you that have programmable buttons on your mouse, what do you use them to do?

I have a four button track ball. The left bottom is control-click. The right top is “Hide Others”. The two chord bottom is Mission Control.


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Set up some buttons to switch between browser windows. I do that daily. :slight_smile:

Back and forward would be the buttons I want on my mouse - through web browsing or in Finder.

I just picked one up also. By default the bottom button brings up a ‘Mission Control’ type panel in windows. Will be setting up same for my new Mac mini, it’s a huge help.

It’s the equivalent as CMD+TAB for me.

I use the two side buttons on my Logitech M720 Triathlon for forward and back in most applications, but I use them for highlighting/clearing highlights in Word and Excel. See this post for instructions on how to set it up. The only difference now is that I stopped using the Logitech software and just use BetterTouchTool for the button mapping.

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Copy and paste deep links inside a PDF while taking notes using Tinderbox, Hook, Keyboard Maestro, and PDFpenPRO:

Yes- 4 apps working together to take notes. Makes me an MPU nerd for sure - but works great.