Project Tapestry

Anyone else enthusiastic about The Iconfactory’s Project Tapestry?

A new iOS app that aims to gather your most important social media services, RSS feeds, and other sources into a single universal timeline. All updates and posts together in one place, in the order they’re created, with no algorithm deciding what you should see or when you should see it.

I immediately backed it on Kickstarter when I saw it. They already reached their initial goal, but they can use additional pledges for stretch goals, such as a Mac version.

Tapestry in the news:

Tapestry in podcasts:

I must admit that I haven’t listened to MPU in a while, but if this hasn’t been discussed yet, maybe @MacSparky / @ismh could invite Ged Maheux as well?


I know I am…

The day they released their API documentation I immediately started experimenting with it:

I’m definitely intrigued by it and can think of some uses to integrate via plugins (will check out their Loom tool and API.) I don’t know if the core concept of the iOS app will fit me well. It might if it’s easy to flip between categories of data in the stream. Even if I don’t use it, I’m still excited to see their creativity on display as they build it this year.

I am curious about it and thought about Kickstarting it, but I am not sure if I would find that much use of it. My RSS use has dropped significantly in the last year. Then after leaving Twitter, I tried Mastodon but haven’t found much I care about there (outside of the Mac/tech community, everyone else is still on Twitter). It really depends on how well it works, I am a bit scared companies will try to block something like that.

I couldn’t find any information how is it better vs other RSS readers e.g., my favorite Reeder?

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I backed it. I’m always up to support something from Icon Factory, especially if it supports RSS.

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Yup, this was an easy decision for me and I backed it right away. I like the company and the work they do, so I’m interested in supporting their next thing. The idea intrigues me as a one-stop-shop if done well. Time will tell, but I’m excited to see how I can use it and how it might replace a couple of apps for me.

At a technical level, it is certainly clever, even cool. But it doesn’t quite make sense for me.

I can focus my attention by only opening the app that contains the info I’m interested in. I don’t want yet another app to help with this.

Maybe I’m the outlier, but my RSS and Mastodon clients, for instance, are for completely different purposes. I dip into short form Mastodon several times a day to see cool things or shoot the breeze, or even just waste a little time. I leave my long form RSS content for the evenings. Anything that’s not those two is an interest-specific community, each with its own natural times I check it out — none usually daily.

For instance I usually only pop in here once a week or two. As beautiful/handsome/clever as you all are, I don’t want to see you every day.

Uhhh… none of the services I use decide what I see when. They are all purely chronological. Twitter was the same, which many seem to misunderstand.

I think this is who it’s for. Or people who follow 1000 others on social media (I’ve never gone north of 200 and usually stay nearer 100).

My stuff is in exactly four apps, plus Safari dock-apps for each of (three) forums I frequent. The only things I wish were in the one place are two Slack and one Discord community.

So yeah… clever, even cool… but solving a problem I think people make for themselves. Which is not to say you shouldn’t back it or use it just because it’s technically cool. (And, let’s face it, because it’s from The Icon Factory, it will look cool, too.)

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