(Purchased) Today is the day: S9 or Ultra 2?

I have saved my pennies so today is the day I purchase a new Apple Watch. I always pay cash as I’m allergic to debt so I’ve waited awhile. My dilemma is deciding between the S9 and the Ultra 2.

The Ultra 2 appeals to me because of its longer battery life, larger display, improved GPS, among other features. However, as I’ve written here, I’m concerned about whether the Ultra 2 suits a professional environment. In our offices, we follow a business casual dress code which includes dress slacks, dress shoes, and dress shirts. Jackets and ties are rare, reserved for special occasions. Considering my dilemma, I may end up being a source of significant frustration for the Apple Store employee assisting me today! :slightly_smiling_face: I hope he or she is patient!

Based on images on Apple.com, I’m thinking this might work in the office:

I think the look of an Apple Watch is all in the band choice so go for the Ultra and get that sweet sweet battery life! I’m a pretty casual person, but I have an Apple Leather band for special occasions or dress-up office days and it makes my S6 look really nice. I also tend to use an actual clock face with the band to make it look more professional.

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What do you think, which one? Or, offer an alternative. I need “fashion” advice, so says my wife. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe at the Apple Store you can try pairing bands and watches. I certainly don’t think the bottom looks bad, I would probably get that same band style with an Ultra. I’d be interested to see how the normal FineWoven band looks with an Ultra.

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No question: Apple Watch Ultra 2. With the Solar Analog watch face and a metal bracelet, you can dress up the watch enough that it will easily fit into that environment. I haven’t had a problem with it fitting under cuffs, but most of my shirts have the left cuff a tiny bit bigger for a watch.

Here’s the bracelet I got and honestly, it’s fantastic! I switch to this bracelet and a nice watch face before going out and it’s just fine. Is it “formal”? No. For truly formal events, I switch to a mechanical watch.

Edited to add: the reason I recommend the U2 is that you can’t beat the battery life. It has truly changed how I use my AW. I do sleep tracking and no longer have to stress about battery life. If it’s in cellular mode because I left my phone behind, no problem. I can go a couple days without charging or stressing about it.

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+1 Apple Watch Ultra 2


Now that is funny! And, by all means, I do not want my pastor without a watch. :rofl:

That looks pretty good!

Not that I want to spend money unnecessarily, but that is an awfully inexpensive metal bracelet band. I would be concerned about overall quality.

You do you, I guess, then. I’ve had it for about 9 months and have had zero issues. Feel free to spend more on something if that helps you feel more confident in your purchase.

Really just illustrating that you can dress up an Apple Watch pretty easily.

You can buy Apple’s steel (heavier) one for $350. Or Nomad’s titanium one for $300 but you’ll have to wait until they aren’t sold out anymore.


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Read the title for this post and thought you were switching to a Samsung phone. :joy::man_facepalming:


The deed is done. I went with the U2 with two bands. I forgot that it has the always on display. That will take getting use to after so many years needing to raise my wrist a certain way to see the time. :slight_smile:

Now I just have to figure out what watch faces I want to use.


That green band looks great with it!

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Thanks. I just added a green watch face. I think this will work well overall.


I’m late to the discussion, but I bought the U2 and what looks like the identical metal band linked above, and I really like it. This is the band and the face that I wear on Sundays.


That does look good; I may put that band on my Christmas wish list. :slightly_smiling_face:

What color are you using on that watch face? I like it.

I believe this is the same one that @HobbyCollector so kindly suggested. Is this the same one you have?


After a full day of use, I have no buyer’s remorse. I was concerned the U2 would be too big, too heavy. It is neither. It looks fine, and I appreciate the battery life, big screen, fast response, the Action Button, and more. I’m glad I waited as long as I did to replace the S4, and I’m happy I opted for the U2.

Now, on to more important things … :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine looks identical to the one he posted-probably made in the same factory. Amazon link

The face color is Graphite.

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