Would you wear the Apple Watch Ultra to the Office?

I realize this question is a bit early since none of us have had the opportunity to see it in person but I’m curious, would it be appropriate—would you wear—the Apple Watch Ultra in an office setting?

I ask because, though I don’t climb mountains or scuba dive, I like the idea of something a bit different, a larger screen, longer battery life, and night mode.

But, I work in a professional office environment (dress slacks, button down collared shirts, no ties, would be standard fair). Do you think it would be appropriate or inappropriate—akin to wearing running shorts—for the office? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think if it makes you happy and you are comfortable with it, you should wear it.


Having worked in many offices, attire was always pretty casual, and this would be fine. If you wear a suit to work it would look tacky, but the guys I knew who wore suits made a lot of more money than I did and wouldn’t wear any Apple Watch to work regardless.

I think the Ultra is an ugly watch personally. I would still wear it if I went back to an AW.

I wondered the same thing, but after taking a good look at the pictures, I decided it would be appropriate. Which probably says more about my alleged sense of style than it does my sense of what’s appropriate to others. But at least you know I wouldn’t kick you out of any meetings because of it.

Depends on your corporate culture. In 95% of companies, the threshold of “appropriate” is low enough. I never wear an Apple Watch to a slacks/shirt… But that’s a matter of personal taste, wouldn’t consider it inappropriate at all. For anything “business casual” a smart watch is OK, even the Ultra. For more formal wear (business suit, black tie) a dress watch should be worn. For white tie NO wrist watch at all. Never.

And yes, sometimes I arrive in running shorts to the office, since 2-3x a week I commute running. But I change/shower before the first meeting. :smiley:

“Corporate culture”: a previous boss came from banking. For board meetings: dark suit, tie. It became pretty clear when he told one of the area managers that he “looked like a student”. :smiley: I also worked at an IT company: most relaxed of all. Now I am somewhere in the middle. No tie is tolerated for board meetings. :smiley:

But again, in 95% of settings you are OK.

If you don’t wear a tie, then I think the Ultra would be fine.

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Big chunky dive watches are in fashion. The Ultra is just the smartwatch equivalent of that. I say go for it.


Yes, I noticed. The “big chunky dive watch” worn to a dark suit is the equivalent of running Windows on a (Intel) Mac. And big watches shouldn’t be worn on chicken arms.

Sorry, I have a soft spot for proper dressing.

It’s 150% fine to wear this to the office.

I don’t think any Apple Watch is particularly pretty, but I have seen people wear some crazy ugly watches in suits. Really doesn’t matter.

Does it make you feel confident? Does it make you feel professional? Wear it. Do you have confidence issues wearing it? Either don’t wear it, or work on your self-confidence until you can.

I love fancy watches, but I’ve also worn my Apple Watch as a groomsman in a wedding party. Nobody cares anymore.


It’s been more than 20 years since I worked for a Fortune 100 company. Back then the Ultra would have probably been considered inappropriate. At other places I have worked no one would have cared, as long as you actually did climb mountains or were an experienced diver, etc.

I am wrestling with the same question. I acknowledge all the comments about “if it makes you comfortable” wear it, and I think that’s generally good advice. Some of us, however, are in professions where people are making judgments about us based on the pocket square in our suit, the pen we are writing with, and the watch on our wrist. Those judgments can distract from our message. So, some of us have to be somewhat sensitive about the issue. Could I wear it in front of a jury or a new client? Does it look classy enough? Is it too clunky? Is it too ostentatious?

(I remember reading an article where Bill Clinton was taken to task because he would wear his digital Casio-looking watch to black tie events instead of a pocket watch.)

I don’t know the answer to this question, but I really like that watch. I see plenty of Apple Watches in professional circles. I also see lots of really large watches. The Titanium with the black trial loop seems pretty classy.


Proper cause for impeachment.


You betcha. And if I were feeling particularly frisky, I might even opt for the yellow ocean band and that big, bright Wayfinder face. I’d take it over premium bling like this or this any day. (Would you wear your Rolex to an office setting asked no one ever.)

Seriously, I wore my clunky dive watch to work with my professional rig for years and I don’t think anyone ever noticed.

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There are really, truly much more consequential things to care about than what someone’s got strapped to their wrist.


Correct. Which shoes? :smiley:


The fiercest looking ones I can actually walk in. :wink:

I would definitely wear it to my office. Most days I wear gym shorts, t-shirt, a ball cap, and occasionally shoes (comfy ones). So it would be a wardrobe upgrade methinks.

Of course, I work at home these days …


I’ve been empaneled on a jury several times, and I can honestly say I never noticed what kind of watch any of the attorneys were wearing. The overall confidence of their bearing was a different matter altogether.

Okay, I’ve got one out of 12 so far.

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I remember. I was a runner in those days and owned the same Timex Ironman watch. George W. Bush was often photographed wearing Timex analog watches.