This May Convince me to Purchase the Ultra

I plan to purchase an Apple Watch Series 9 or the Ultra when they are released this fall. I’m currently wearing the S4.

As I posted here, I’ve been debating the “appropriateness” of wearing an Ultra at the office with dress slacks and button down dress shirt (my typical work day wardrobe).

If this rumor is true, it may settle my inner debate. I could pair the black titanium with a black leather band, which should look acceptable for office wear. I’ll check it out in the store when it arrives before deciding. It will depend on how “black” black is.

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I have owned a singe black Apple Watch (my first one and it was S2), since then I prefer the silver ones as they can be paired with any strap colors easily.

I get your point though, everyone chooses what makes sense to them.

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My current S4 is the stainless model paired with the Milanese Loop band.

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I’ve always dressed conservative but informal. My Apple watches have been black with the black Milanese loop band. It’s innocuous but not cheap looking. A black Ultra might also work well but as I’ve said before I’d feel like an imposter wearing something intended for “athletes and adventurers” (Apple’s own words). So in that regard, would it be “appropriate”?

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I think so. Many people buy it for the battery, screen size, siren (safety), and better GPS. Those are the only reasons I’d buy it. I don’t think my 3-4 mile daily run qualifies for what Apple had in mind for “athletes.” :rofl:

I think black with the orange action button could look strange, but I shouldn’t underestimate the designers! I’d perhaps like to see the action button a dark blue, green or gray with a black case.

I’ll most likely upgrade my S6 to either the S9 or Ultra 2 if the processor gets a good kick forward.

Bill Gates wore a $70 Casio on a visit to Harvard. Bill Clinton wore a Timex Ironman with a suit. I’ve worn my black SE with a plain black band with a blazer & tie and never received a second look.

IMO as long as you avoid the orange alpine loop I don’t think anyone will care what’s on your arm. :+1:

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Watches of the Richest People in the World – IFL Watches

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I suspect that when you are one of the richest men in the world or the President of the United States, you can get by with more. :joy:

I got an Ultra a year ago to replace a string of large watches. In no way am I an athlete.

But the larger screen is so much easier on the eyes, and it’s much easier to find the screen buttons for my aging fingers. The action button hooked to the workout app (to capture a walk) also reduces finger fumbles.


I don’t know. The guff U.S. presidents have gotten for wearing tan suits or boxy suits, not to mention protective headgear and flight suits

In fact, apparently every president from the mid-1970s to early 2000 was horribly dressed. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I have regretted purchasing my AW and would not purchase another one. In the end it’s just another glorified notification device. Charging it every night or 1.5 days gets old real quick.

When I don’t wear my AW there’s a sense of freedom. The thing I use it for most are timers which can be done just as easily on the iphone. Certainly not worth £400+ in my opinion.

I’d think long and hard before you commit and ensure the functionality is worth the price tag.

It’s a bit more than that, but that’s why I purchased my AW. I prefer my technology remain in the background so I only take my iPhone out of my pocket when absolutely necessary. And since I never place it on a table or bar when I’m out I’m less likely to have my passcode observed. Bonus.

I chose an SE because it has the features I want and some others that might prove useful to someone who lives alone. But it doesn’t include additional sensors that I don’t feel necessary.

All my Apple devices have batteries. Charging is just part of a mobile lifestyle.

Apple Watch is mainly a fitness device, and they added ton of features on top to replace your phone when you are doing any activity where having the phone with you becomes a hindrance.

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I nearly always think long and hard before spending my hard-earned money. I say “nearly” because I have been guilty of the impulse purchase on occasion, as my wife is quick to remind me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I find the Apple Watch to be a tremendous value. I’ve always worn watches. The Apple Watch adds significant functionally and convenience not available on traditional watches. I use my AW:

  • To tell the time without pulling out my phone, especially when my hands are full
  • For a quick glance to see my upcoming meeting when in a meeting without pulling out my phone, a glance is far less conspicuous than picking up my phone.
  • To tell Siri to “remind me of…” when I don’t have my phone
  • For Fitness tracking
  • To track real-time heart rate, pace, and distance when running
  • For fall detection when out running
  • For directions when walking around in an unfamiliar city when my hands are full
  • To see current weather conditions when I don’t have my phone or it is not convenience to get to it
  • For answering a call when I don’t have my phone with me, usually when moving between meetings
  • To control podcasts and volume on HomePods when my phone is not near by
  • To locate or flash the lights on my car when I don’t have my phone or it is in my pocket and my hands are full
  • To check flight status when walking through a busy terminal and my hands are full with luggage, a drink, etc.
  • Finding my phone when I’ve misplaced it
  • Paying at checkout if I don’t have my phone
  • And more…

The phone is large and heavy. I don’t always want to be encumbered by it. The AW is far less intrusive and always with me. All of my devices need charged and since I don’t sleep with my watch on, putting it on a charger overnight is a non-issue.

The AW is expensive, but I don’t upgrade often. I believe I purchased my S4 ~5 years ago. A 5-6 year refresh cycle is something that I consider a worthwhile investment. Besides, all of the money I save by not paying app subscriptions helps pay for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I just had to laugh at this:

#5: Ronald Reagan
The actor turned president left his Hollywood fashion sense….

I’ve seen Hollywood’s fashion sense. I’m not impressed. Some of the outfits I’ve seen, besides being immodest to the point of being vulgar, are downright ridiculous. :slightly_smiling_face:

The woman on the left looks like she is wearing a curtain. :rofl:

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Glorified notification device… yes!!
Another… no!

I have my Apple watch to be able to turn off all notification on other devices. Now I get a discreet tap on my wrist without a sound from any of my devices (incl the watch).

Even when using navigation with CarPlay I have the spoken instructions muted and just get the tap on my wrist when it is time to turn, prompting me to glance at the screen.

I consider my day more successful the less I interact with my iPhone.

Listening to music while running is a major reason I purchased the watch. i realize other watches can do this now as well but when I first bought the AW it was only watch that allowed for this. Plus it is part of the Apple ecosystem and fits nicely with my music library. I don’t have the cellular watch, just the WiFi model. It can hold a TON of music. Plus one @Bmosbacker for all of the other reasons he listed!

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I’ve had the Ultra a while and love it.

I don’t like to have my phone with me when I’m exercising or with my kids, and it covers everything I need. The bigger screen means I can finally see the text on the phone (a getting old problem!), which was a problem for me with the normal size.

I’ve no issues with the look. I use a Milanese band or link bracelet and I think they look fine in all situations. I’m no fashion guru though!


Saved me typing all that out, thanks :blush:


I love how that looks. I’m not upgrading watches this year but daaaaaang.