Quahog's Office Setup

Here’s my un-decluttered setup.

Nothing nearly as fancy-pants as the others. The most important pieces of equipment I have here are the fir trees I can gaze at as I work. And the loons on the lake off to the right, which you can’t see in this image.



Oh – I see now that you are creating separate topics for each office.

I should probably clarify that I live in two places. I have a more fully equipped office at my other house, and I have a third office at my place of employment.

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Indeed, sorry for the delayed reply! We renamed the Homescreens category to “Homescreens & Office Setups” - you are welcome to rename your post and edit the content to add more context :smile:


@Quahog do your set-ups sync files to one another? Do you have the same monitors?

I have an iMac at the other house with a second monitor just like the one here. The iMac is the “primary Mac” in my system and has a robust backup scheme including Time Machine, a bootable clone, and Backblaze. The laptop you see here travels with me and contains a subset of the files that are on the iMac, basically the last three or four years of “stuff” and anything old I might need. It is only a 500GB fusion drive so can’t hold everything the iMac does. It has has the same backup plan sans Backblaze (I’m too cheap to spring for more than one computer). Documents in current use are synced among all using a disorganized patchwork of methods that involve iCloud, Dropbox, and flash drives. That will be streamlined soon.

I plan to sell the other house and things will get simpler then. My only question then will be what to do with all the Macs involved? Including my sweetie’s and my work one, there are 7 total. Yikes!

Time to make the trek into town for my weekly trivia thingy.

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That’s a lot of Mac’s! Maybe one home mac for you and your sweetie and then each have a travel Mac?

Well, I keep an old Macbook Pro in my office that I use for presentations (a large part of my work) so I don’t have to schlep a laptop back and forth. (I know…) When I retire (soon, I hope) that laptop would become a bit extraneous and, of course, the work desktop will stay with my employers. That would reduce the numbers of macs I have to deal with.

Oh – I forgot to mention my old original 15-in Titanium PowerBook G4. I still fire it up maybe once or twice a year just to remind myself what OS 9 looked like.

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What an awesome view!

Love the wood inside too…