Quickly calculate a multiplication

I am going on a trip overseas and I want to be able to quickly calculate the price of an item into US dollars. It does not have to be exact.

I figured maybe the easiest thing to do is create a shortcut that I could press on my home screen, put in the foreign price and it would multiply it by the same number every time. Possibly even better, I invoke it using Siri.

Although I quickly created something in Shortcuts, it does not show me the results.

Any help for this newbie?

It’s pretty quick to use Spotlight for this. It uses your default home currency so e.g. if your home currency is set to USD, you can simply type in €55 into Spotlight and it will show the value of 55 euros in USD.


If you have pcalc you can use shortcuts to do that for you.


I swipe down to open spotlight on my phone and type “100 Mexican pesos” and it will do the conversion. Assuming you have internet access

I do have PCalc but I can’t seem to get it to the finish line.

And you can call me super lazy but if I’m going to do this, I’m wondering if there is a way I can simply type in a number and have it multiply it by .09 (the exchange rate). Again, using Siri would be good but probably secondary as I may not want to talk into my phone depending on where I am. I would love to just hit an icon on my phone and then type the number.

Same goes of the search bar in Safari. :grinning:

Morpho will do that for you, but it’s a paid app now (I got it while it had the option of a lifetime purchase). It lets you define pairs of currencies or units, so, e.g. when you type in “42”, it will convert whatever pairs of currencies and units you have in it – 42 USD in EUR, 42 EUR in USD, 42 feet in m, 42 miles in km, 42 F in C, 42 C in F, etc. It will update currencies as well.

What’s wrong with Spotlight, though? It will recognise currency symbols, so it’s not like you have much more to type than just the number.

Also, the recently re-released Soulver for iOS (free trial for 30 days) will easily let you do that. Just define a constant of 0.09 first (A=0.09) and then you can use 30A next time.

It also supports currencies and updates them automatically, but since you did not say which currency it is, I can’t check if it’s supported there.

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I live in Europe but sometimes buy things priced in USD, so similar/opposite use case.

I use Unity (on iPhone/iPad/Mac) to convert currencies.

Advantage of using an app is that it will automatically update conversion rates.

PS: Unity is not been for 2 years…


I don’t need the currency. I just need to put in a number and have it multiply by a set number.

With this and a little help with ChatGPT, I got it to work. Thanks!

(I don’t know why I find Shortcuts to be so hard for me.)

I would search for “Currency convertor” n Google and will get the most updated conversion rate. Don’t need and app for that. You can chose From any currency To Any currency.