Random thought in what app?

What does everyone use if there driving or walking down the street and see something they want to make a note about or be reminded of. What do you use Siri, a shortcut, drafts, Apple notes?? I’m not sure what to use.

When I am driving, I don’t touch my phone. (Siri would be great if she could just understand what I’m saying :slight_smile: ) Walking down the street, I will add the entry to the Omnifocus (Inbox) or -depending on the task- add it to “Due”.

I really love Due for it’s persistence and not letting me off the hook until I mark the task as “Done” or I push it to the future.

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Just Press Record. Fast and accurate. For Watch and iPhone. The iPhone app automatically transcribes the note for sharing.

With the new iOS releases this fall, Apple’s Voice Memo will be on the Watch as an alternate.


Sometimes I use Drafts, but most of the time I find it easier to just write things down in a notebook that is always in my back pocket.

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I capture everything in Reminders, either by typing or preferably using Siri (though I occasionally wish I had used Just Press Record)

Drafts, either as an complication on the face of my Apple Watch, or if I’ve got time to pause for a moment, my iPhone.

I also carry a Field Notes pocket notebook and a pen, but this usually has my daily tasks and quick checklists and isn’t for scribbling in.


I’ll dictate notes into Notes via Siri, or open up Drafts (free version) or Apple Notes if I have the time. For audio, Apple’s free Voice Memos app isn’t bad (though there are a million other apps that will save to other services, offer editing, etc).

I prefer Apple notes because it’s quick and easy. I use the quick note from control center.

I tried Siri and found that the transcription was not very good. I would love an app that saves the voice recording and transcription so that if it’s not recorded correctly, then I can listen to it and manually transcribe

I use Trello for this (but as others have said, never while driving).

Usually create a Todoist task. Sometimes use Siri although he is not always available and needs a strange pronunciation of ‘Todoist’ to work properly!

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It’s in my dock, so it’s easy to access, and it will badge the icon if there’s something in there.

I have almost all my badges turned off, and I never leave badges hanging around, so it’s a good reminder later to go in and deal with whatever brilliant idea I had :wink:

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Random ideas and thoughts go into;

  • drafts, when my iphone or ipad is nearby
  • my midori notebook when I’m working offline

I use Apple Reminders quite a lot, especially when driving it’s handy to be able to ask Siri to remind me of something when I get home or at a certain time.

Currently, I make lists in Drafts.

Another vote for Just Press Record, as a complication on my Apple Watch. If I’m typing then straight into Notes.

A Field Notes notebook

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Drafts (phone and watch) or Field notes

Then process into action —> Things
or Reference —> Evernote

I use Things … I brain dump everything to its Inbox and sort it out later.

For driving I ask my husband to write a note for me. :slight_smile: But usually he’s driving and I’m the one writing notes. Walking I just stop and add the note to my notebook in my belt pouch for processing later. I use a cheap top spiral bound 3x5 notepad I buy by the dozen at sam’s club.

I rarely use Siri, he never gets the words correct but on occasion I will take a reminder that way. I better process them ASAP when I get back inside or I’ll forget how to reinterpret what Siri decides I said to what I really said.

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Perfect use case for Drafts & Drafts dictation