Randomly displayed quote

Wondering if this could be done with a widget.

I would like to display a random quote from a list of quotes that I have in a widget. Wondering if there is an app with corresponding widget that could do that or if something could be Gerry-rigged with something like Drafts or Apple Notes or similar.

Setting how often the quote changes is a bonus and was thinking changing daily but that’s less critical.

Not a full answer, but a start.

I made a Shortcut where it takes a random snippet from the Havamal and returns it back to me.

here is the shortcut in the video for the one that sends it to Drafts.


I had the same question sometime ago and there were some useful suggestions. Check it out here:


I never heard of that app so I just downloaded it. I’m also a newbie at Shortcuts but worth giving this workflow a try. Thank you!