"Real" USB-C Hub or Docking Station wanted

I look for a recommendation for a “real” USB-C Hub or Docking Station.
What means “real” in that case?
One with at least two real USB-C Ports, I can use for everything.

What’s a real USB-C port?

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My guess is that what’s being asked for is something that provides more than the single USB-C connection to the host computer and the USB-C power input.

I’m guessing they want 2 Data ports instead of the PD Power Delivery ports

I saw a couple of Anker ones that looked like they would work

A “real” USB-Port is a fully usable USB-Port, as I wrote, that “I can use for everything”.
Not only one for Data and maybe one PD, and 15 Ports nobody can use in our Days anymore, just to label, and charge for a “17-Port-USB-C-Hub”…
I need to plug in at least 2 USB-C Devices, and I don’t want to charge any of them…

FWIW, you might want to look at the Goodwill store online . They usually have really good merchandise for cheap… I recently purchased an Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock for $25; works great with my 27" Apple LED Cinema Display and MacBook Air…

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Which ones?

Even though they do have the same physical connector, the type of device matters (a 4k display may saturate even the single uplink to your computer).

here is a few to look at - some on prime day sale…


Sorry, but this is a question, just because you wanted to write a question!
I am looking for a hub, or a docking station, that is multiplying the USB-C Port from my Mac.
I don´t care which device I want to plug in there, because I plug in several different devices.
I look for a hub, or a docking-station, where I can do this, without the need of thinking about it.
It shouldn’t be so difficult, to understand that…!?

Thank you, but I can search for myself with “USB-C + Hub” at Amazon!
The Problem is, that with this search term there are no results with at least 2 Data-USB-C Ports on it.
At least not on the first couple of pages, and I don’t scroll thru 1000 Devices (I got even almost 5000 on my first search on the German Amazon-Site).

That is, why I asked if someone has an recommendation…

Several people here like the CalDigit docks. The TB4 dock released earlier this year. I might start there. I’m sure there are cheaper options that deliver both data and power to USB-C.

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No, and that’s a really rude answer to someone trying to help you.

@AppliedMicro was asking what type of devices you wish to connect so he can advise you, as the types of devices may need different bandwidths and therefore versions of USB C


No. I asked because I was honestly trying to help.

Then go ahead, google something and buy something.
Preferably over the internet, since you‘d be able to return it, won’t you?

:point_right: There is none that you‘ll be able to use for „everything“.

Because USB-C ports - or cables, for that matter - aren’t always „the same“ and don‘t support the the same „everything“ - even though they may share the same connectors. USB-C hubs and cables support different USB protocols, data bandwidth and charging protocols/speeds.

If you choose to remain ignorant about these facts, be my guest. I just hope other readers of this thread won’t make the same mistake.


I have to agree that there is no USB-C port compatible with ALL USB-C devices. This is simply the status quo of using a single physical connector for everything.

The most compatible USB-C ports are Thunderbolt 4 ports, which are downward compatible with USB 3.2 3.1 2.0 1.4, and Thunderbolt 3. However it certainly doesn’t support all devices with a USB-C connection, either due to the Thunderbolt controller limit, or host device limit. For example, you can’t plug in an external GPU to the Thunderbolt 4 port on a Mac and expect it to work at all.

In practice, if by all USB-C devices you mean storage, peripherals, monitors. Then a Thunderbolt 4 dock/hub like TS4 would be the option.

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That might be right, but the reason for that is the missing support of the ARM-Class Chips for an eGPU, and the lack of Thunderbolt 4 inside an Intel-Mac at all (as far as I know)!

Folks, I don’t follow into this discussion about the USB-C Standard!
My question was clearly understandable, if you want to understand it. If not, or if you want to made some points about USB-C in General, this is not the right thread.
I thank you @cornchip for his hint, and if someone else also have one, I appreciate it.
It is obviously, that I am looking to buy a Hub or Docking Station, I can use in the same way, as the “native” ports on my iMac or MacBook.
Not more, not less!
And as those devices seems to be pretty expensive, it should be obvious as well, that I look for something with a recent standard, and nothing that might be compatible only with devices from some 8 years ago, when USB-C was presented.

It is just not that simple. I have a monitor with a real USB hub built-in, their is one downside, if i connect my Macbook to it the 4K monitor takes a lot of bandwidth which has the side effect that any other device, be it external hardrives or Ethernet dongles can only use 480Mbit/s, which is slow for an extern SSD.

If you want to have the full bandwidth of external device available, especially for SSD’s your best option is a Thunderbolt dock.

USB-C is just the connector… so for a good advice more information is needed. Otherwise every USB-C hub or dongle with enough USB-C ports will do. If you want to use it in the same way as the ports on your Macbook (which type?) you need a Thunderbolt hub or dongle as @cornchip suggests.


The question was clearly understandable.
As was my answer that still stands:

“…in the same way, as the “native” ports on your iMac or MacBook.” (…the model of which you didn’t specify yet).

On a more constructive note:

Given that this also supports the Apple USB SuperDrive with an installable driver, you can hardly do better than that choice of a Dock. The two downstream TB4/USB4 ports are virtually as good as the native ones on a Mac - at least on Apple Silicon Macs.


Which iMac and which MacBook? (Thunderbolt 3 or 4?)

Since the ports on your devices are (almost certainly) Thunderbolt ports then in order to fulfil this requirement you’ll almost certainly need a Thunderbolt dock instead of a USB-C hub, as Thunderbolt can do thinks that USB cannot. (If you’re just looking to plug in USB-C devices then a hub will work, but the USB C ports on the hub will have limitations that the ones on your Mac(s) don’t have.)

Broader questions for the group: Can Thunderbolt 4 docks be used with a computer that supports only Thunderbolt 3? Does TB3 even support docks with more than one uplink port and one passthrough Thunderbolt port?

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Would also like to note that there are similar limitations on the “native” ports on your Mac - if you’ve ever plugged something like an Arduino into your Mac for an extended period of time, your Mac occasionally shuts off that port due to high power draw. So even with “native ports” you are not necessarily able to do everything.