Really cool linking of Devonthink and Obsidian

Just came across an amazing Obsidian plugin developed by @ryanjamurphy which links Obsidian and Devonthink. This one inserts a list of notes and files related to the current note. As someone who has otherwise been going back and forth between the apps, this is super useful. Thanks Ryan!


Just a brief follow up as to why this is so useful. I tend to keep only polished notes (ala zettelkasten) in Obsidian. But my zettelkasten DTP database indexes both my Obsidian vault, but also a large number of “literature notes” (in Smart Notes terms). I didn’t want them cluttering up my Obsidian vault. But this way, I can draw in the power of Devonthink immediately. Many of those that DTP suggests I may delete, but others spark more ways to think with my notes, and the kinds of serendipitous connections I may have missed. And others still may cause me to write up a permanent note from those literature notes that DTP is storing. Again, bravo.

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Thanks! I’ve been meaning to make a thread as I thought a few users here would like the latest feature. You raced me to it.

The plugin’s titled DEVONlink.

More info is in the blog post here, including a script to add to DEVONthink 3 so that you can jump back and forth between the apps easily.

But just to save you the trip, here’s a video of the feature @Aroddick is describing:
DEVONlink's Insert Related Items feature

The feature inserts a list of wikilinks to DEVONthink’s See Also files for the current note. You can configure how many it’ll insert, and what the prefix of each link is (so if you want a checklist or embeds instead, go for it.)

I am planning on offering an alternative command to insert x-devonthink-item:// links instead for more robust linking.

DEVONlink’s other features allow you to open or reveal the current file in DEVONthink.

Now, what more do I need to do to get @Bmosbacker to try Obsidian out again? :wink:

The coolest thing about this plugin, though, is that it was super simple. That’s because I found a way to run AppleScript from within Obsidian plugins. In other words, if there’s other AppleScripts—or other app integrations based on Applescript—that might be useful, they can be built as a plugin, too.

I’m planning a plugin that will allow users to run arbitrary AppleScript-based commands using data from Obsidian, but it might be a while.


Let me know if you figure out how to run OmniJS from Obsidian. Linking Obsidian and OmniFocus together would be amazing.

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Looks like it should be trivial. You can run OmniJS scripts from a URL scheme:

Yes, it’s quite easy to run an Omni Automation script from iOS Shortcuts. You need to open a URL of the form:
The script parameter can be an entire complex script or just a call to one of your installed plug-in actions (URL-encoded in both cases).

So, you can build an OmniJS script as a string inside an Obsidian plugin (using data or meta-data from Obsidian), URL encode it, and launch it via the URL.

I haven’t used OF for a while, though, so I probably won’t be the person to build an OmniFocus-Obsidian plugin!

Do you use Things? Given how much you love scripting, you should totally switch back to OF. :slight_smile: You know you want to. OmniAutomation is amazing!

I played with OmniJS a bit before I stopped using OF, actually. It is wildly powerful!

These days, however, I’m all in Obsidian—projects and tasks included. Actually, personal project management is probably the main thing I use it for… (This happened due to a few big shifts in my needs and approach. I’ll write it up someday.)