Recommendation for File Duplicates app for Finder on Mac?

Per this thread I have moved all of my 6,700+ research files to iCloud and out of DT. I knew that I would end up with some duplicates.

I’m looking for a good app to run on my MBP for finding and managing these duplicates. Any suggestions? Thanks!

For comparing folders, Beyond Compare works well.
For finding duplicates wherever they may be in a folder hierarchy, Gemini is adequate. NB. I never trust their auto flag for deletion, and probably wouldn’t trust anyone’s.

That’s unfortunate. That could take a very long time! :slight_smile:

I like gemini. Fast compare and you get to go through all the results if you want to manually confirm or choose which files to keep.

I have found that results from various duplicate-finding apps can vary greatly. I have found that I have the greatest insight/control using the app Beyond Compare. As with @JohnAtl, I do not trust apps that auto flag supposedly duplicate results for one-click auto-deletion.


Thanks everyone. I’m going to give Beyond Compare a look. Hmmm, that name sounds like my life’s theme. :laughing:

Just to give a different opinion, because I just went thru this exercise.

In Finder, I just did a lookup of all files that were documents, excluding media. Sorted by size, which for some reason groups duplicate files together. Then I deleted the duplicates from there. Total files were in excess of 200K.

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That is a great suggestion.

Files can be the same size with different content.

thhou tousthh24th 234s234h 23nthnt 2 onn2 42sss234

(second line same size as above)

This would be true of files that you’ve edited to correct transposed letters, mistakes of punctuation, or wholesale edits that workout to the same size, or in the case above, a file that has been corrupted.

VisualDiffer helped me a lot :ok_hand:

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Agreed but it may at least be another starting point, along of course with sorting by name. A laborious process but in the end, I’ll have everything cleaned up.