Recommended USB-C braided cable, minimum of 6'?

I’m looking to purchase a high quality braided USB-C cable to connect to the power brick and my M1 MBP and/or iPad Pro.

Do you have a recommendation? Also, is there any reason for me to get a Thunderbolt cable?

I love this one so much. It is very long, but sturdy. I use it to charge my Lenovo ThinkPad, M1 MacBook Air, and iPad Air.

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Nomad cables can’t be beat. Kevlar wrapped. Pretty much indestructible.

I’ve been happy with my Anker cables. Bought a bunch when they had a sale.


After yet another Apple USB cable frayed around the connectors, I purchased these heavy-duty Amazon Basics cables.

Thanks @quorm. The Amazon Basics are cheaper than the Ankers. Do you think there would be any issues with the Amazon’s vs the Ankers?

The Amazon cables are working fine. I don’t notice any data issues, if that’s the concern. They are quite sturdy. The connector seats very firmly in my MacBook’s USB ports, which I like.

Thanks! I’m glad to hear about the connector because some don’t connect tightly, which drives me nuts. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll save some money and go with the Amazon Basics, thanks for the recommendation!

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