Where do you keep your shopping/gift lists?

I’m curious as to where everyone chooses to keep their shopping/gifts list.

I’m NOT referring to a grocery list or to a list of things to pick up when out and about. I’m specifically thinking of a list of items that you may wish to purchase or gift lists. An example is that I added the Anker cable recommendation from this thread to AN.

I’m currently using Apple Notes (one of the few things I use AN for) for such lists. I’ve tried Reminders but AN is better for adding additional information beyond the link to the product.

“Tot” by Icon Factory on Mac and iOS. Simple, a bit quirky, and might have been built on the idea that you can remember only seven things at a time (it has no file system!)

Reminders, because I can say “Hey Siri, add Anker Cable to my Gift List” in order to add stuff with my HomePods. Then I add the url/notes later.

That said, Siri can be spotty with Reminder’s lists names. My Grocery List one works 100% of the time, but not the others.

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All in my Zettelkasten (Craft at the moment) depending on what it is (apps that solve a problem I might have one day, gift ideas for my fiancée, games or books…)

I know this is a bad practice and not the proper use case. I have a project in Omnifocus that has my gift list, or I rely on Amazon and just add things regularly.

For me, planned purchases and gift ideas live in GoodTask (aka Reminders + tags and smart lists…).

doctor barrett,

now, i know you said you didn’t want a shopping list app, but i felt i should mention anylist.

like @KillerWhale, i too use craft or obsidian to organise details about specific products i might be researching. but, there’s something elegant about anylist that makes me hive-off any of my retail-related tasks. and, i suspect that you’re looking for a simple solution rather than the road-to-damascus total re-evaluation of your life that comes along with zettelkasten.

you can run multiple lists (so, a grocery list for day-to-day shopping; and another for gifts you’d like to buy), with individual categories of product within said list. you can assign items by shop, too.

and, this is the one app i’ve convinced dotty to use: she hates my love for new apps; she hates the beautiful iphone xs i gave her - but anylist she likes. this kinda app is improved by being easy for everyone to use and to share with your homies.

good luck

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I use Reminders. Everything goes into the Inbox with Siri, then I move them to another list.

Used to be in a Someday/Maybe type note in DEVONThink.

Currently is being migrated to a note in Obsidian.

I rarely add links.

Although I do have a whole set of lists on Amazon, Public Wishlist, Private Wishlist, Kindle Wishlist, Shopping List and Kindle Borrow list.

For a shopping list I stil use SplashShopper, descendent of HandyShopper. It does what no other shopping list app does. Allow me to add an item to a bunch of stores and mark it as needed. And when I buy it, and mark it as purchased, no matter what store I finally get the item at, it marks it off on all other stores where it was listed as needed as well.

They stopped supporting the Mac App and I can’t share lists with anyone but the one critical feature still works so I’m still using it.

Either Amazon or Apple Notes. I have a books shopping list on Amazon for books that I want to read. I get most of my books from my library. When they don’t have a copy yet I add it to the Amazon list so I don’t forget.

So I keep my gift ideas list in Things; I have a project that is “gift ideas” and a task for each person; I list fort ideas in the sub-task field and then can check them off as I get them. May not be the most efficient way—you have to go kinda deep to get there—but I don’t mind that because I’m only going there twice a year for birthdays and Christmas and Things search is so good, I even have to drill down there.

I’ve found that getting too organized about shopping is dangerous. Better to let a few items be forgotten. :slight_smile: So I don’t maintain a general list of things I’d like to buy, books excepted.

For specific gifts, I usually do an OF project. If I decide on a gift well ahead of purchasing time, I’ll defer the task until roughly when I want to actually buy it. I am not the type of gift giver to accumulate ideas and then choose from them but for such a person, an OF project where I can accumulate and defer multiple of these would work well.

Purchases that are part of a bigger project, like the cabling improvement example, go into an OF project, tagged as something to either buy while running errands or online, assuming the purchase can’t be done immediately. These kinds of tasks are great in OF projects because the next step is blocked until I get around to the purchase.

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