“Record With More Cameras” tile keeps coming back in Home app

A while back, Apple increased the maximum number of cameras that could be added to Homekit. To let us know, the Home app had this prompt show up.

No matter how many times I go into “Recording Options” and choose the settings for all the cameras, the tile prompt comes back, at times within minutes. I saw one other unanswered post on this issue with no replies. (Not sure if the correct protocol is to resurrect that one instead of posting this new one, but I figured many users only read new posts). Any ideas on how to get that to stop appearing? It is a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

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I just found a suggestion on Reddit to unplug all hubs, leave them off for a minute or two, and plug them back in. I’ll have to try that when I can remember what hubs I have (Apple TVs and HomePods, I think).