Reeder 3 on iPad Pro 12.9 bug?

HI, today, I’m using my brand new iPad Pro 2018 12.9 and using Reeder 3 in landscape mode, I have a bug where the display doesn’t show all the width of the iPad if I have an article selected. Does anybody else have that problem? It doesn’t do it in portrait mode.

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Yep. Same thing here.

The current version of Reeder came out 11 months ago so perhaps the app doesn’t know how to deal with the new iPad’s resolution?

Best suggestion would be to file a bug with the developer.

Good idea, @JoePreiser, I just email the developper about this.

It’s the same on the 11". For me using the iPad in portrait works nicely as a workaround. I’ve emailed talk but I think the app went free as he’s working on the next version (Reeder 4).


Not surprisingly, I’m having this issue as well on my shiny new 12.9" iPad Pro. I just emailed the developer to ask if this will be fixed in Reeder 3. I’ll post his response to this thread if/when I hear back.

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Maybe we have to waiter for Reeder 4.

I noticed this too. Have switched to Lire in the meantime.

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@ismh you could ask for a testflight code :wink: