Reeder 5 is out

The only new feature seems to be widgets and icloud sync.


Mark as read on scrolling seems like quite a neat feature.

No support for Fever though :frowning:

I mean iCloud sync is pretty big for a RSS client.

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Well that explains why Reeder 4 hasn’t been working on ios lately.

Really my biggest complaint with RSS is blogs that force you to visit the site.

Yeah. It kinda sucks when website only gives a title in the feed. Some RSS clients can do full-text extraction to combat this, like lire, Fiery Feeds, and Unread.

Some RSS clients can do full-text extraction to combat this, like lire, Fiery Feeds, and Unread.

Reeder 4 can do that as well.

(Have not purchased 5 yet, but I guess that one can do it too)

Don’t need anything new in the app, but buying it to support the dev. :slight_smile:


I think it’s a bit different on Reeder as it doesn’t cache the full-text. I was using Reeder 4 since it came out until recently switching to lire 4.

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Don’t need it. Have Reeder 4. Just purchased Reeder 5 to support Developer. :grin:


I just purchased it, just because iCloud syncing is attractive to me and Reeder has always had a very refined ux.

Coming from News Explorer, I have to say that the reading experience is better in Reeder (in desktop or iPad) but I’ve found a couple of omissions: no grid layout which is awesome for very noisy feeds like The Verge or Hacker News. Also, the “pull option” for reading the next article is nice but I’ve always prefered swiping right for the next article instead of opening the web view (so you don’t have to scroll the full lenght of the article). The Bionic Reading mode is something I don’t really find useful --to each its own. Also, News Explorer allows for fine tuning the iCloud data usage, which makes sense as this has been the main differentiator for News Explorer since the beginning.

So slightly behind in terms of functionality but the interface is very fluid and damn fast, pure joy to use.

Seems like a no-brainer update from Reeder 4, but not that clear to migrate from another reader app.

I purchased Reeder 5 and am surprised to see that Reeder 4 immediately feels old…

Even though the visual changes are rather small, I like the new UI.

Do none of you use Reeder’s read later function, or have you just evolved beyond tagging? Having tags in Reeder is HUGE for me!!!

And: do I get to keep my “purchased to support the dev” badge if I only realised tags were a thing after I got the upgrade? :wink:

Reeder 4 can do that as well.

(Have not purchased 5 yet, but I guess that one can do it too)

Just bought Reeder 5 for macOS and iOS. Yes, it still can extract articles in “reader mode!”

May I say that I just love Reeder, have purchased every version Silvio Rizzi has released, so I was more than glad to support his work by shelling out the $15 bucks to get the latest versions.

(Hey, and no subscription model. :wink:)

Does anyone know if it supports custom url actions (mac or ios) yet? Thats always been my biggest problem with it…

ok from the deafening silence I am gonna guess the answer is no. :grinning:

Anyone knows if there’s new settings for gestures. The only one I dislike is the swipe left to show in-app safari, and I’m hoping it can be disabled.

apparently everyone bought it to support the developer but nobody is actually using it. :grinning:


:joy: I’m tempted too but I really need to cut down my spending on apps that I don’t use…

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Fiery Feeds is my mac dreamland.


There is. Fever is moved to the bottom of the list of services available, labelled as ”deprecated,” but still supported. I have a self-hosted instance of Miniflux and Reeder 5 seems to work with it well via Fever API.

That said, I can’t really identify how Reeder 5 is different from Reeder 4, which itself still has rough edges after one year since release, and hasn’t reached feature-parity with the classic Reeder (arbitrary custom fonts, etc). Personally I’m fine with pay for such a premium app once per year even simply for appreciating its design, but objectively, your $5 this year won’t get you as much as you may expect from a major release.