Release date for Obsidian Mobile?

I’m still, to my chagrin, struggling to decide between Obsidian and Craft. :slight_smile: Both are great and have their pros and cons. I think a “deciding” factor for me will be the Obsidian mobile experience. Does anyone know when the Obsidian mobile app is expected to be released?

Have you tried it in its beta form yet? I’m using it, with a manual sync system so no cloud at all and I’m finding it really functional. Probbaly closer to the mac app than almost any other iPad/iOS app I have!


I have not seen a firm date but I expect it to be soon. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s been open to everyone in the Catalyst tiers for a while now. The next stage is release. :slightly_smiling_face:

When it is fully baked, probably.

Like most developers, they have not published a release date, nor should they. That just opens them up to whinging if they miss they date or even if they release early. The best source of information on Obsidian is always their Discord forum, for non-threaded continual discussion, or their Discourse forum.

The mobile version is almost 99% exactly like the desktop version. If you learn the desktop then you’ve learned the mobile version

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I feel like a goober. Although I am a Catalyst supporter of Obsidian, I can’t figure out how to download the mobile beta. I’ve never run a beta before but based on everyone’s input here, I’m willing to give it a go. :slight_smile:

I know @anon41602260, and I don’t mean to frustrate, but I’ve still had trouble locating and downloading the mobile app. I’ll try again. I don’t use Discord so I’m learning to navigate it as well.

Use this link to join the Obsidian Discord server, which the team is using to manage the mobile rollout:

Once you’re in there, if you don’t see a #mobile channel, DM me (@ryanjamurphy) and I will update your account settings so you have the right privileges.


Thanks @ryanjamurphy. I’m running into the same problem I tried last time with an invite. I click on the invite and I get this:

That’s the link if you have the Discord app installed.

Try this web link

@anon41602260 Thanks, but I get the same error message. However, I do have a Discord account. I’ve logged in and am in what I assume is the right area, see screenshot. But, this is where I get stuck. I’m not sure where to find the download link. Sorry to be a pain on this. I do appreciate the help.

Once you manage to get on Discord (and as I recal that was a total PITA to do!) Click on the Obsidian emblem on the left side. Then click on the # Mobile channel. Then up on the upper right there is a push pin emblem. Click on that and you can see the instructions to download the mobile app and install it.

Aha, is this it?

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PS, I assume I need TestFlight, which I’ve never used. Correct?

Yes but you should probably hide that URL—it is not a public link!

Yep. That is the place.

Correct! You should be prompted to download Testflight at the link.

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Sorry about that, I just deleted the screenshot.


I’ve got it! My only remaining problem is that I’m getting a message that Obsidian mobile “no vaults are detected in the Obsidian Home folder.” I have created three folders in iCloud. Do I need to move them (no problem, that is one of the advantages of Obsidian) and if so, to where exactly? I want to sync via iCloud. Where should I move the Obsidian folder to?

PS, I guess I could just create new vaults and move my documents to it.

Move your desktop vault into the iCloudDrive > Obsidian folder.

Then, it will appear when you create a new vault.

That may be the issue because now there is currently no Obsidian folder in iCloud except for the ones I created in Finder on my Mac per the screenshot. I assumed I could point Obsidian mobile to these folders but apparently not? No problem, I can move the files but am I correct that I need to create the new vaults/folders in the Obsidian Mobile app and move my files there?