Reminders May Replace Things - Here is Why

If you have a task that needs to be completed on a certain day (due date) and you want to start it earlier you can put a When date on the task. The downside is that your task will be available in you Today view, but you can tick it off before it’s due.

It is one of these thing where Things ‘forces’ a certain workflow on you. I personally didn’t mind the way it works when I was using Things, but I can understand that for some this may not be ideal.

I guess Things, like Reminders lets you set a date when you want to be reminded to do something (“When” in Things and “Remind me” in reminders) with a task. Things also has due dates, which reminders formally does not, although you can off-course use the “Remind me” in reminders as due-date.

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After installing iOS 16 and Mac OS Ventura betas on my devices, I realized that Reminders has improved dramatically. I ditched Things3 and now only use Reminders on all of my devices. It’s simple, fast, free and seamlessly integrated into the OS.


Same here. @Bmosbacker did a great job showing us how he uses Reminders. I had forgotten about this topic and the possibilities Reminders has to offer today. When they previewed iOS 16 back at WWDC, I stumbled upon Reminders again and I was sold - even without the improvements Reminders has brought to the table with iOS 16.

The seamless integration into Apple’s ecosystem in combination with the features Reminders has to offer these days did it for me.

I can only recommend to try Reminders again, if you have not done so for quite some time. It is not so much that I have issues with Things or OmniFocus, but for me, Apple’s stock app Reminders is working best right now. I get stuff done without thinking about how and why. Crazy. :slight_smile:


I gave Reminders another try recently as it is integrated nicely with NotePlan but I have stopped and returned to the Due app on my iPhone for my reminders. The simple linear list of reminders in Due appeals to me. Perhaps my needs are simpler than others. Recurring items are flexible and easy to set up. And all the different ways I can respond to a reminder when it fires off is my favorite part.

What do you mean by this?

I can ignore it and it will come back as often I have set the auto-snooze interval or change auto-snooze or turn it off. I can push the reminder into the future a little or a lot, one time or every time starting now. And I’m confident that the reminder will come back until I’ve dealt with the issue and told Due that it’s done. I didn’t have that confidence with Reminders.

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Out of curiosity, have you found a bullet-proof way to use Siri with Due? I still can’t ever get it to play nice. The name of the app is so unfortunate when it comes to creating reminders by voice. I’ve tried all kinds of ways, but nothing seems to work as well as Reminders+Siri.

No, sorry, I’m not a regular user of Siri … I haven’t found a bullet-proof way to even use Siri! :slightly_smiling_face:


EDIT: This support article gives you a link for your iPhone that downloads a Siri shortcut that prompts you one time for access to the Due app. So far, it works well for me.

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After downloading the shortcut from the above post, I can now say “Hey Siri remind me” …

Siri: “What is it about?”
Me: “Put gas in the truck”
Siri: “Okay, creating with Due.”

This is revolutionary for me!


Thank you very much for this. I’m also glad it was beneficial for you! :slight_smile:

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