Reminders May Replace Things - Here is Why



Thank you for sharing. I’m curious if there is something you’ve identified as missing from your current set up that this provides? Or are you just experimenting to see if the grass is greener?
I am tempted to use the installed apps but keep asking myself ‘why?’ I’ve already purchased OF on all my devices, invested in setting it up etc.
so I’m quite curious about your experiment here.
Im already looking forward to your 2022 list of apps and workflows! Could there be a field guide in the works??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would not say anything is missing per se from my prior workflow but I have several reasons for experimenting with Reminders. In no particular order:

  • I like the way it handles attaching messages from Mail and attaching notes from Apple Notes. The ability to drag and drop an email, or tell Siri to “remember this” and then have the message or note attached is fast and efficient.
  • Unlike Things, I can share a list or assign a task.
  • The new tagging and smart list features are akin to OF’s perspectives and apart from using URL schemes are not available in Things.
  • Deep integration with OS/iOS, iCloud, and Siri is nice
  • I like the look. It is nearly as nice looking as Things and far far better than OF.
  • It is free, no upgrade purchase or subscription.

Reminders is not perfect but as even a casual reading of this forum makes readily apparent, no app from any developer is. :slightly_smiling_face:

So far, I’m finding Reminders is doing all that I require* if not all that I desire.

Could there be a field guide in the works??

I think I’ll leave Field Guides to @MacSparky, the true Field Guide Master. :slightly_smiling_face:



In drafting this post about using keyboard for universal search, I was reminded that I also use the keyboard and Siri type to talk for quick Safari reminders.

I have a text replacement entry (Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement )setup as: Phrase: remind me about this
Shortcut: rm

So, when I’m on a Safari page I want to add to Reminders, I simply hit the Globe-S keyboard shortcut to invoke Siri and then type “RM” to have the page saved.

I don’t use verbal commands with Siri on my iPad (I do for iPhone) given I’m typically using it indoors around others. This shortcut has worked well for me.


Love this! Just put in that exact text replacement.

Whoa! Thank you for mentioning that. I was still holding the power button like a barbarian. I should read the iOS 15 keyboard shortcut overlay more thoroughly.

UPDATE: So far, my experiment is working. While I miss a few things in Things (pun intended—sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:) overall this is working well. I now use a full split screen with both Apple Mail and Reminders so I can drag an email for follow-up as needed directly to Reminders. I rather like this setup.

And yes, I only have one email I’ve not dealt with and no I don’t put them all in Reminders. I’m just rigorous with email processing, rules, unsubscribing and marking as Junk. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: After posting the above, I serendipitously discovered that double clicking on a reminder list opens it as a separate window. Very nice!


I prefer the Gmail app but I’ve recently started using and reminders side by side on IOS. It’s working well.

I’m pleasantly surprised how good overall it is. Not perfect but as I’ve discovered after too much switching/experimenting, every app lacks something for one’s “ideal” workflow. :grinning: Apple Mail and Reminders work well together and seem to meet the majority of my needs in a tightly integrated environment at zero cost. I’d say that is a pretty good ROI. :grinning:


How did you solve your iCloud Tabs/Safari tabs sync problem? I can’t fix mine.

IIRC, the issue fixed itself. I do nothing, because anything logical that I tried to do, don’t seem to fix them.

I wanted to like Things but had to bail on it because you can’t complete a task in advance… really weird behavior, seems Things 3 is all about “do on” tasks instead of “due by” tasks.

Create a task list called “no due date”?

I just discovered you cannot always delete #tags in Reminders. They are supposed to disappear when you delete all tagged items. But that is not happening for a lot of people, including me.

Yes, I’ve discovered that as well. Frustrating. I sure wish someone would make the perfect app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never understood that either. It never proved to be a significant problem for my workflow but is frustrating for sure.

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You have to delete the completed items with tags, too. Took me a long while to figure that out.


That is unfortunate. I want to keep my completed tasks, not delete them.

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Thanks, but I did that. Eventually I took screenshots of all my lists (as backups) and deleted all entries, tagged and untagged, active and completed. Then rebooted all devices. Some tags disappeared, but not all.

So I have declared reminder tags as “Not Ready for Prime Time” and stopped using them. :frowning:

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I use these for “do on” and “due by.”