RemNote, It is a Real Horse Race Now

Well we have another contestant in the Note ring to throwing their hat in to join Roam Research and Obsidian.

RemNote Software

Looks like it was built on MIT and the company offers 30 minute 1-on-1 training sessions. FOC.

It also allows the creation of flashcards and repetitive learning so it is great for students along with built-in citation ability for research papers.

Here is an excellent overview on YouTube

RemNote Overview

With weekly updates coming out from all three, this is the most exciting software development happening for a long time

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A couple of week ago the dev answered a question about where the data was located on his Mac and was told, “data is unfortunately not stored in readable files; it’s backed up in an IndexedDB database in your browser. We don’t have a mechanism to cut that cord yet, but have been hearing a number of requests for it. If we do this, we want to make sure we do it right, but we’ll definitely consider it at some point - no promises yet though”

I know backups are in the cloud but … storing potentially large databases in the browser, huh. :-1:


I think what will eventually happen is that at the end of the day all the feature sets will merge.

I think this is best suited for students going to school or anyone else that needs to gain knowledge on a subject that are taking courses as it merges note taking with links and flashcards eliminating seperate flash card software.

Or they could use Anki for free. (shrug)

Yes Anki seems to be the best Flash Card software but then it is double work. It seems that this is a better way to make the cards right in the note taking app.

I am sure that Obsidian and Roam will be right behind them. I probably will stick with Obsidian as I do like the feature of using local MD files but will this other one a whirl for training courses that I plan to take for studying

I was recently re-introduced to MarginNote by @quorm, and RemNote (Anki, Roam, etc.) pale in comparison.

Could you please enlighten ?