RSS reader for MacOS + iOS?

Fiery Feeds was recommended on a past MPU. However, this isn’t available on iMac. Anyone have suggestions on iMac RSS reader? Preferably an app that is available in MacOS and iOS?

Windows Outlook integrates with RSS, which makes it easy to retweet or manage email lists and RSS news snippets in one place. Mac Outlook doesn’t have this option.

I use Reeder on both macOS and iOS.


I find it useful to differentiate between reader apps and feed services. Some “apps” are both (e.g., Feedly) but others only act to serve up and sync your content while still others only receive/sync feeds from feed services (e.g., Reeder). Often these apps provide both reader and service but do one or the other poorly compared to competitors. Some of the best apps require an additional feed syncing service for ideal performance, so you’re making two decisions, not one. So, you can mix and match the options… and hence finding the right app/service for me has been frustrating.

I previously used Feedly for the past year or two. On the Mac it’s a web app, but I used Flotato and Nativefier to make it app-like. It provides both a feed sync service and a nice reading interface, with neat and unique tools like backup to Dropbox (I like keeping a real archive).

I’ve recently switched to managing RSS in DEVONthink, though, because I am paying for it anyway and it’ll save me $70 USD/year in Feedly subscription costs. Like your Outlook scenario on Windows, I’m also using DEVONthink already, and keeping more content in the same place seems convenient. That said, DEVONthink requires a bit more manual effort when managing a lot of feed content. (I miss the mark-as-read-while-scrolling aspects of conventional feed apps, for instance.)

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I’m another satisfied Reeder macOS/iOS user.

In years past my favorite was NetNewsWire, but it had problems after it changed hands several years ago, and I moved on. I read that Brent Simmons, the original developer, has reacquired the i.p. and has released a v5.01 for macOS. He’s working on a new IOS app so I’ll probably revisit NNW when that app is released

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I am using Safari (in Mac) and Unread for iOS, both connected to Newsblur feed. In fact, Newsblur has a free iOS reader and it’s web base reader is not bad - in fact, it has ability to train such that you can tell it to show you feeds that you care about and hide the rest. I think Newsblur is innovative, my only beef is that its iOS app is ugly, which is why I end up using Unread.

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I am an avid Hootsuite user, which supports RSS too. When I retweet or republish content, from my Wordpress or social media accts., I use Hootsuite. But, they don’t have a MacOS app or Safari extension. So its an extra step to proactively log into Hootsuite, check new feeds, and then take action.

Would rather a MacOS app, which alerts me when changes occur, and provide immediate access with a click.

I downloaded Feedly to experiment with, and will check DEVONthink. Reeder 4 looks interesting, but I couldn’t find a free version to try out before buying.

Hm. Consider using Flotato to make a Hootsuite desktop “app”. That won’t give you notifications but it would make for a nicer experience.

DEVONthink isn’t strictly a recommendation—it’s probably overkill for RSS management.

As already has been posted: Reeder (4) is an excellent RSS reader on macOS and iOS.

I have always been using Reeder on my Mac, but switched to Unread on iOS, when that was released. However, the new owner has posted that Unread 2.0 will become a subscription (about $20/year I believe), while it still requires a separate service for syncing. After reading that post I decided to try Reeder on iOS again and I never switched back…

Somehow I liked the parity on both platforms. And when a later Reeder update introduced “Automatic Reader View” (automatically fetching the full text, even if the feed entry is incomplete - configurable per feed) I decided to stick with Reeder (but Unread is excellent as well).

(I’m still curious what Unread 2.0 is like, so I’ll probably trial that when it’s out)

Ha, I agree completely. I also use the Newsblur service, but I always end up reverting to its iOS app so I can access the proprietary ‘Infrequent Site Stories’ which is a fantastic way to bubble up rarely updated website updates (I subscribe to almost 1400 newsfeeds). Although there are many great newsreader apps (and I own a few for iOS and Mac) I’ve tended to resort to Newsblur’s free custom app, and to the web view on my Mac, reading inline or saving articles to Pocket.

I wondered if NNW was gonna get an iOS companion. That’s compelling…

I recently started using News Explorer for RSS feeds - both on the Mac as well as iPhone and iPad. I found it via SetApp on the Mac. Import via an OPML file. You can categorize your feeds and there are different choices for viewing the feeds.

A big requirement for me is getting a full “reader view” without all the web site stuff. The Reader engine for that basically stopped working for me on that function and that had me end up with News Explorer. It has two different engines to get to reader view and you can default that for the app or for the site.

When it comes up to speed and competes favorably with existing apps I’ll definitely try it out but right now NNW is a work in progress. On the Mac it still doesn’t offer what the old v.3.3.2 (from 2012!) did. As a paid user of it from the earliest days with Brent through v.4 (the bad old Newsgator & Black Pixel days) I’m not the slight bit interested in a new app, using new code, with fewer features, and an adopted name. Competition is good and let a hundred flowers bloom, but I’m not going to consider it until it actually blossoms.

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NNW info: