RSS readers (again). Your favorite?

I’m getting increasingly impatient with Inoreader–again. For the millionth time.

I’m subscribing to more and more newsletters, and Inoreader tries to apply formatting rules to make them more readable. In fact, these rules make them LESS readable–in some cases, unreadable. Additionally, setting up mail forwards from Gmail to Inoreader is difficult.

Feedbin does a great job with newsletters. I’m thinking of switching to that.

Before I do: What’s your favorite RSS reader, and why?

I like a newsreader that can also consume Twitter lists and subreddits.

I like the idea of NewsBlur’s filters, in theory. But every time I try it, I find the UI cluttered and ugly.

I haven’t really looked at Feedly. It seems to be the most popular choice post-Google Reader.

I haven’t looked at FeedWrangler in ages.

What’s your pick, and why?

Reeder 5 and iCloud as the sync engine. Solved most of my issues with these rss services


I’m iOS/iPad OS only.

I use Feedbin (5$ a month) as the back end and Fiery Feeds (£9.99 a year) to actually read.

I can’t talk about Twitter lists and Subreddits, but I like the combination.

I also tried News Explorer for a while to monitor work related topics. It syncs your lists via iCloud. Might be worth a look.

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  • Feedbin for the back because of newsletters and twitter capabilities
  • Reeder for the front because it has the most torque of the readers around and is consistent across mobile, tablet and desktop. The only thing it could do better is provide more options for sharing.
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I’m using Reeder 5 on the Mac and iOS, with Feedbin set as the backend.


Same here no subscription required and works flawlessly for me.

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Same. Reeder and Feedbin.

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Newsify front end and Feedly backend. For years on the Mac it was NetNewsWire then Reeder on iOS as the iPad became my favorite reading device. I never questioned the layout of these two apps with the 2 or 3 panes with article sources, articles, then the story. Until I used Apple News for awhile and grew to prefer the newspaper layout style. Now I can’t go back. Especially when using the iPad in landscape, it seems like too much space is wasted viewing the articles in a narrow list. With Newsify I can have an Apple News-like layout with differently sized articles and larger images taking up the full screen until I tap through to read an article. I’ve tried several times to go back to Reeder and it doesn’t stick.


Reeder across Mac and iOS (phone/iPad)… switched in recent version to use the iCloud sync, but used to use Inoreader and it’s a good service. I am actually using Reeder for read later stuff now as well, and liking it.


Netnewswire with Feedbin. Netnewswire is free, and really well done. Mac and iOS.


I would love love love a “real” reader with good highlighting support. Feedly was it for a while, but the highlights it saved were only really accessible and usable within Feedly’s ecosystem.

So, I use DEVONthink.

Every feed item gets converted to PDF, and I use smart rules to govern what happens to them depending on which feed it is, etc.

It’s actually quite nice, with the caveat that real-time mobile access requires a roundabout with a desktop machine running somewhere:

  • DEVONthink 3 downloads the items
  • DT3 converts them to PDFs
  • DT3 uploads them to sync
  • DTTG download them from sync
  • read items on DTTG
  • sync any annotations back to DT3

In turn, it isn’t for you if you want a conventional seamless, feed-like RSS experience. It’s very document-driven.

But for me, it makes DEVONthink:

  • the backend service
  • the RSS reader
  • the save for later service
  • the annotation service

…and with rich PDF-based annotations and lots of automation support to boot.


NetNewsWire and feedbin. For read later I use GoodLinks. If it something temporary I will just delete after I read it. Otherwise if it something I want to keep, save as markdown to DEVONthink.

Feedbin supports subreddits yes. First I maybe had around 20+ subs, but it become quickly overwhelming. Tried to read twitter thru feedbin in NNW, but prefer more Twitterrific on mac. I actually subscribed to feedbin earlier this year. Before that I used to read locally in NNW on iPad. It was a pain to manage if I wanted temporary to delete NNW from my devices to stay focused. Now I can delete NEtNewsWire for few days and don’t worry that my feeds will be out of sync or miss few articles etc.


Fiery Feeds macOS and iOS.

It has the most configurable url share/action settings than any other newsreader.

my share menu on macOS (intel):

My share menu on the M1 is bigger as I can share to all of the iOS apps I have sideloaded like GVConnect, Notability, and pre configured imessages thru launch center pro.

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I am using Reeder 5 with FreshRSS as backend.


I use and like News Explorer. Part of Setapp and it syncs well with my iPad.

I use it to watch YouTube videos without the ads. I hate advertising (and Google)


Feedly (free :v:) with NetNewsWire on macOS, and Fiery Feeds and Unread on iOS.

Both Fiery Feeds and Unread can parse footnotes from Feedly (in which they omit the needed absolute urls from footnotes). Fiery Feeds can also manage Feedly’s tags.

Tried Fiery Feeds macOS but it is very slow and unstable. I find the NetNewsWire the fastest to sync and process feeds on macOS. I don’t use the iOS version of NetNewsWire because it doesn’t allow feed content text selection, if I tap and hold on the content’s text, it triggers url share sheet.


Reeder 5 on iOS and macOS, because of the excellent UI/UX.

Feedly Pro backend (Lifetime account; no subscription).

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News Explorer here. Was the first one offering iCloud sync and somehow Reeder did not cut it for me


All in Feedbin for RSS and Twitter. Tried everything else but Feedbin is the best combination of fast, reliable and no bullshit RSS service

It’s so good that I use the Feedbin app on mobile and the website when on desktop for everything as wel. From there, with a short key, I send to Pocket for longer articles. Do not need any other RSS client. It’s super fast compared to the others (reeder, Fiery feeds etc) which take a while in downloading/retrieving articles.

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Reeder 5 as well with Inoreader as the backend.