Rumors of a Mac mini update

When someone asked about a potential Mac mini update a few weeks ago I was skeptical, because we hadn’t heard much in the way of rumors. Well, now we have. Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that there will be an update to the Mac mini this fall (along with the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac).

If this pans out I’ll be very excited. I need a replacement for the mini that sits on my desk at work.


I would not hold my breath on that rumor.
At best we might see a processor upgrade nothing earth-shattering.

I don’t need earth-shattering. I’d be happy with the same form factor with updated internals.


Hopefully I’ll get this too :slight_smile:

Be careful what you wish for - the last time they updated the Mac mini they made it less useful, not more …


I got that less useful one…and after many years of useful service I’m itching to upgrade (I had to clean it up to be able to watch Netflix smoothly).
I’m not greedy, just want a decent cpu and a port to attach an eGPU. Ok, maybe I am greedy.

My mid 2011 Mac mini is a little long in the tooth. I agree though, a new one needs to be more upgradable than the last Mac mini.

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Putting all the Mac Mini gubbins in an Apple TV-sized enclosure would be great. Fingers crossed.


Mid 2011 mini here too.

I would love a more upgradable design, but honestly I could live with RAM soldered to the motherboard and a proprietary SSD as long as we got an update to modern internals.

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I agree. I’m not terribly interested in modding it. I just want it to come with modern parts and have lots of configuration options from Apple. It could come in a bulletproof case for all I care.

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I can’t afford the mac laptop I really want so I’ve already moved over to Windows at home after my MBA died but I’d really like a new mac mini that I can leave on my desk and remote into as I still have plenty of software that I’d like to use

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Same kind of affair for me, I have an iPad, iPhone and I’d like a Mac Mini I could just use on-demand :slight_smile:

I put a 2nd HD in mine the day I got it (a 128 GB SSD) as well as maxing out the ram. I’d like for AT LEAST the ram to be upgradeable. If it’s not I may not buy a new one.

Mid 2011 Mini we used as our media server just died. And I’m really having a dark night of the soul thinking about what I should do.

I’m really not bothered about expandability (except eGPU) as the rate of important hardware advances is much slower these days I think, and I personally am not looking at a Mini as a hardcore computer.
I might max it out though…

Would be nice to see! As someone said above, be careful what you wish for with Apple, they might make it less useful. Speculation is it will be along the lines of an Intel NUC. My fear is it will be a sealed up, wafer thin box, with one port with a high price tag

Mac Mini used to be such a great machine that can be used to fill in the gaps. And because of price, it used to be a great entry point into the Mac. Apple has left behind people that just can’t afford $1,000+ for a computer.

I’m really hoping a good Mac mini!

I think it’ll be the internals of the Macbook adorable without the keyboard, track pad, battery or display. Still only one USB-C port, you’ll choose between the VGA Dongle, the HDMI dongle or a USB-C Monitor to help keep costs low.

I’m kidding of course, but I could almost see it…

Maybe even choose between keyboard and mouse :slight_smile:

That is perfectly acceptable.

I’m lucky enough to have a 5K iMac on my desk at work, and I have started using my iPad Pro as my primary portable device. This leaves my woefully slow 2015 MacBook to serve as my home “desktop” hooked up to a monitor, keyboard and trackpad. An updated Mac mini would be a huge improvement on this setup. If it was available with the same internals as the new 13” MBP, I’d be very happy.