Safari iCloud Tabs - iOS 13 & 12

My wife has a Mac running Catalina, an iPhone running iOS 13, and an older iPad mini running iOS 12 (that’s the latest version its compatible with). Since upgrading her Mac and iPhone, the iPad is no longer included in iCloud Tab sharing (a feature she uses quite a lot).

Has anyone else come across this? Is it fixable, or is it ‘planned obselence’?

(I know this is similar to this thread but I wasn’t keen on resurrecting an old thread and the mix of devices is not the same.)

I’ve seen this happen on my iOS 12 devices during the beta period. And it happens now on my macs that are still on Mojave and High Sierra. Maybe there’s been a change that is not backwards compatible?

Macs on previous than Catalina OSes should sync with iOS 13 and 10.15 with Safari v 13.
Dunno if iOS 12 Safari has been (or will be) updated, so the OP might be out of luck.

Thanks for the input. Looks like the iPad mini might be ending ‘end of life’ at least for my wife.

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