Safari tabs not visible between iOS and MacOS

Since upgrading to iOS 13, my iPhone and iPad on one hand, and MacBook Air and Mac Mini on the other, only show open Safari tabs from the other device on the same operating system. The Macs are both running Mojave - is there any possibility that something about iOS 13 only allows Safari tabs to sync to Macs running Catalina?

Safari History also seems not to sync across operating systems. Handoff still works, albeit less consistently than it had when my iPhone and iPad were running iOS 12.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Do you run the latest version of safari on mojave?
I had a similar issue while on iOS betas and that was solved by a safari update on my Macs.

I believe so - version 12.1.2?

Iā€™m on 13.0.2, on Mojave. Check if version 13 does break any of your extension before upgrading, it might.

Sure enough, that did the trick - thanks!

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