Safe secure app to keep a copy of my Drivers License?

The other day I forgot my wallet and was thinking how great it would be if Apple Wallet had a copy of my Drivers License but it doesn’t seem to have that capability. Wondering if their was a reputable app to handle that or should I attempt to use Lastpass?

I use 1Password for this. For less critical things like a CVS or Walgreens card I use Stocard.


LP woukd work, not sure if it’s accepted by the authorities though :grinning:

I use 1Password to store the details - it has “cards” available for driver’s license, passport, membership cards and other such. On a PC (and presumably Mac) you can also upload a photo of the license; unfortunately this feature isn’t possible from iOS.

I also keep copies in 1Password, on my Synology home NAS and in an encrypted zip-file in Dropbox for emergency access.

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I’ve scanned the contents of my wallet and have items for everything with images in 1Password tagged “wallet” for easy retrieval. Credit cards,identification, insurance cards, etc.

Thankfully, I’ve never been in a position where I had to rely on the identification but it would probably be better than nothing. Also in the event your wallet is lost or stolen, it lets you know right away what was in there and what needs to be canceled/replaced.


I have the information stored in 1Password. I need to add a photo of it though.

I also like Katie’s idea of creating an inventory of everything in the wallet to make it easier to figure out what needs to be dealt this should it get lost or stolen.

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+1 on using 1Password for this.

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Dashlane has a reserved encrypted spot to store basic license info.

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I personally use Dashlane for this purpose, though I got locked into the premium (sync-capable) plan prior to becoming a monthly subscription. At the current pricing for systems like this, definitely go for 1Password.

1Password here too!

My state (which isn’t the most tech forward state) actually just released an app that stores an official copy of your license. I’m sure more will follow suit soon.

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I use 1password to store all the valuable documents for me and my family.

  • drivers licenses
  • passports
  • social security cards
  • birth certificates
  • insurance cards.

I attach the photos on my mac and can look at them in iOS.

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Uh , that also reminds me that some online banks (at least here in Germany) provide encrypted document storage for that very purpose.
The only question is: Who do you trust more your bank or a bunch of 1Password tech-geeks caring about your privacy :sweat_smile:

I would trust 1Password more than the US banks. Many US banks still don’t offer 2fa and some even have a character limit of 8 for passwords.

U.S. banks tend to get hacked :frowning: 1Password geeks don’t have the ability to look at your data. :slight_smile:

I also use 1Password

A similar app is in beta in Finland as well (too bad I missed the beta signup period). I can’t wait for it to become officially available.

LastPass for me, but if you have 1password already, that will work.

1Password here as well. I have copies for everyone in the family stored there including:

  • insurance cards
  • passports
  • healthcare cards
  • birth certificates
  • social security cards