Saving Web Content to DevonThink

What’s the best way to take an article, blog post, etc and save in DevonThink?

My current setup:

  1. I use Feedly and send articles to Pocket
  2. Favorites articles in Pocket activate IFTTT recipe
  3. IFTTT recipe is supposed to take the favorited article, OCR and save to PDF and send to DTPO

Problems in the last few months

  1. Recipe doesn’t consistently work all the time (I may use Zapier next since I have a paid account)
  2. PDF usually contains some weird watermark that distorts the whole thing
  3. All the ads still come with it.


  1. A nice clean PDF is all I want.

Looks like I spoke about this back in 2018 LOL.

Now that we have iOS 13 and Shortcuts…are there any updates to this process?

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Are you paying for Feedly?

Feedly Pro offers a backup-as-PDF-to-Dropbox feature. Saves nice clean pdfs to dropbox. When I still used Feedly, I just indexed that folder.

Nowadays I’m just doing all of Feedly, Pocket, and IFTTT in DT3 using the features it provides. DT3 doesn’t currently create nice PDFs from news articles, but that’s due to a bug or something and should improve in 3.0.1.

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I use when trying to save PDFs of web pages without all the cruft. It usually does a great job of keeping just what you want, but you can also remove additional items if you want just by clicking on them.

There’s also if you want to get even more basic.

Can printfriendly be used with IFTTT or Zapier? I am trying to automate the process.

I don’t think so, unfortunately.

I would seriously consider the Feedly “backup” option. Every article tagged with whatever you’d like could be auto-imported into DT as a PDF, so long as you’re using Dropbox.

Keep It generates a clean PDF of a webpage on both Mac and iOS and it wasn’t broken by the recent Safari update. It works better than the DEVONthink clipper (at least for the sites I archive from).

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