Saying no to tech ( blog post)

From iA blog:

We are learning to say no thanks to 3,500-dollar VR goggles, subscription-based AI pins, and orange plastic boxes that want to book hotels for us without checks and balances.

Now on to the good news. Your no thanks doesn’t need to be an absolute, total, eternal no. We can use typewriters to write letters and write a poem on our phone at the bus stop. We can say no thanks to AI phone bots but still use ChatGPT to help us understand Aristotle’s Metaphysics in the original. We can be both critical and appreciative of new technology without categorically accepting or rejecting it.

Also, worth noting this on the iPad:

An iPad does everything and nothing well. It’s the eternal teenager of computers that doesn’t want to grow up and commit.


It looks like we cross-posted at nearly the same time, and noted the same quote. :slightly_smiling_face: