ScanSnap Bit The Dust

Sad day in the Buys household. My trusty Scansnap S1300i no longer turns on. It’s been a little flakey for the past couple of months, but today it looks like it’s completely gone. I’m considering the iX1600 for a replacement. I’m done with wires whenever possible, so having it be wireless would be great.

But, thought I’d check here to see what the MPU consensus is on wireless document scanners. Anything else I should be looking at?

Are you scanning documents that are lots of pages? I didn’t replace mine when it died a few years ago because the phone apps (like Scannable) are so good. Not good if you’re having regularly do thick documents though.

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I am quite happy with my Brother ADS-1700W which I purchased after it appeared Fujitsu bricked my two scannners with their updated software. But they eventually released updates to the old software so I have three scanners. I use the Brother routinely but decreasingly as incoming paper is now at a trickle. I still have a lot of photos to scan and it will do those quickly.

as suggested above, scanning to PDF (not photos) with my old iPhone7 is really handy and high quality and am using it more and more for ad hoc scanning.

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Still eyeballing the Raven scanners. I know I want to basically be able to relocate my scanner from the Desk to anywhere I please and scanning to a cloud service to me is more functional overall than scanning to a single computer. I’m also looking at the new Doxie Go Pro which looks like a good blend of performance and portability.

My ScanSnap IX500 is still going strong but honestly I tire of the schrapnel of Scansnap software that is strewn across my system and want a cleaner one app system like what Doxie or Raven supplies. OCR is also important but DevonThink Pro will handle that through Abbyy.

Yea, same here. I’d like something that didn’t feel like it was designed for Windows in 1998.


I’ve thought about this a bit. I gave the phone a shot this morning, scanned 20 or so documents. It definitely got tiring after a while, and the quality is not quite as good as a dedicated document scanner. You can see shadows, and sometimes for whatever reason the scanning software has a hard time finding the document on my desk.

Sounds like a good trial for your use case. Which scanning app did you use?

Evernote Scannable. I tested Scannable, Microsoft’s Lens, and Readdle’s Scanner Pro. Scannable seemed to have the least steps with the best output, so I used it to scan all the rest of my mail to DEVONthink to Go.

Yep. I’ve found Scannable to be the best as well. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t found anything better :wink: Thanks!

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I’d be interested to know if any other MPU folks have a Raven. They make some interesting claims on their site:

Connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection, the Raven Scanner Original scans and sends your documents directly to your favorite destinations such as Raven Cloud, Google Drive, Clio, DEVONThink, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Quickbooks Online, Email, Fax, SMB network share folder or FTP - all without the need for a computer or software installation.

Scanning straight to DEVONthink without an intermediary app would be great.

Check your File menu. EagleFiler and Apple’s Continuity Camera gives me an Import From iPhone > Scan document menu selection. Can’t believe that DT does not also have that feature!

Still running iX100 and iX500. If and when they fail I will likely replace them with the iX1600.

I use ExacScan Pro to avoid the ScanSnap software. Save straight into DEVONthink inbox.

Both Scansnap Home and ScanSnap Manager were just horrible non-intuitive pieces of software, whilst the scanners themselves are top-notch.


Raven’s okay. I’m sure glad they’re trying to offer an alternative scan ecosystem. Their Raven Desktop software is a bit unpleasant and you have to use it, but you can configure it to run in the background and to auto-send to a destination, which lets you hit scan and go straight to DT.

If your scanning is lower volume, you can go straight to DT with Continuity Camera on Mac. Right-click in their Inbox in Finder and Scan Document/Scan image.

Make it fast by binding a macro like this to a global keyboard shortcut or Stream Deck button. Totally agree with Karl that this should be a first class menu item (in every app, really, but especially DT.)

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I think I’m leaning towards the iX1600 myself, but I’m hesitant to try ExactScan. Their website looks like it came out of the 90’s, and I don’t see any press releases since 2017. Are they still releasing updates? $100 is a hard pill to swallow for software that might be abandoned. Did they update it for M1?

I do at times wind up scanning 20-30 pages, depending on how long I put It off. I’ve tried scanning with just my phone and while it works, it’s nowhere near as convenient or high quality as a dedicated scanner.

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Re: Scanning from iPhone, are you aware that it’s built in the system?
Just right click in Finder where you want the document and choose Import…

Ontopic; I have an iX500 but I want higher resolution (ie 1200 dpi optical, Kodak have a solution for $4.000,-).

For “normal” use I’d say that the Scansnap is the best option today.

I use Exact Scan Pro. They are still releasing updates. The software works; it is not as pretty as ScanSnap but everything is there.

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That’s just mean! :rofl:


It’s still an intel app. They do updates and it works fine. It never failed me.

Alternatively try VueScan, which is on universal code base


Sorry to ask a question on an old thread, but it looked like it may be the right place. I’ve got a ScanSnap ix1500 and am looking for scanning software that would let me quickly scan multiple documents as separate PDFs. Unless I’m missing something (which is entirely possibly), ScanSnap Home makes this incredibly slow because you have to wait for it to process and then click “save” after each document.

I just want to be able to quickly scan a bunch of documents, either pausing briefly between each to let the software know it’s a new PDF, or pressing a quick button to signify a new document. Does any macOS scanning software allow this? I’ve tried VueScan and ExactScan, but I didn’t see a way to do it there.

Many thanks.

I do not think, that this will really work.
If you scan continuously, even if you would be able to tell which page is belonging to the new document, it would be difficult to time the Button so the system also knows it.
If all documents have the same amount of pages, you could tell the ScanSnap software about that, and it will separate the PDF´s itself.
There were also the possibility to have divider pages between the documents, but I am not sure, if this still is supported by ScanSnap.
You could also scan multiple documents together, and later separate them with a PDF-Tool.

I personally scan a lot of documents, and I scan each separate. The Software just takes a few seconds between each document, if you do the OCR separately, and this is quick enough for me, sometimes even to quick as I often have to prepare the documents (remove stables, cut the envelope and so on) first.