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I am late to the Scansnap party, but Ive heard such good things… but I also remember some threads where people were unhappy with the new software? Anyone use this model - scansnap ix1600 ? I have the new 16 Inch M1 MBP …

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I have one on my desk and I’m very happy with it.

When I open the scanner lid, the software launches. When wireless, it takes just a second longer for the launch, but I really don’t mind and I like having one less USB cable. By the way, the power cable for the ScanSnap is nice and long – it’s about 6-ft from outlet to the converter, then another 3-ft to the scanner.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this forum, you’ll want to read the documentation for the OCR features. You can download all the manuals prior to purchase if you wish.

While the price is not insignificant, the weekend after I purchased mine, I scanned an entire file drawer of old tax returns and documents. The only difficult part was removing the staples. Later, I managed to scan everything else in that file cabinet. So, that project alone justified the cost in my mind.


Dan Moren of Six Colors just recommended that scanner. He describes the software as “Cumbersome” and that sounds about right. I have an older model and the software used to be straightforward and easy to use (although a bit odd in places). Then they tried to do this cloud thing and just ruined it in general. But they have been slowly getting better over the years. At this point it is fine. I can always do what I want it to do, I just ignore most of what they implemented.


Thanks. That’s where I saw it :slight_smile: … But it was just a couple a years ago MPU listeners were upset with Fujitsu and the software … I am just forgetting what it was all about !!!

Thanks for the link

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It had to do with Apple’s move to 64-bit and Fujitsu dropping support for older ScanSnap models, if I remember correctly.

OK Thanks @webwalrus … But its all good now ??

I have an iX500 and have been quite happy with it. I want a newer model, but need one with 1200 dpi optical resolution…

FWIW Fujitsu have done a good job with the software!

I think it was mostly a one-off sort of thing that soured people on the company’s commitment to users. Fujitsu dropped support for a number of old scanners, and since those devices were expensive people expected more from Fujitsu.

Fujitsu later released software that addressed at least some of the problems.

Personally, I have an S1300i, I’ve had it the whole time, and I’m happy. :slight_smile:

I was one of those upset because the new software had some bugs that took them over a year to fix after I spent time on the phone with their engineering team explaining the issues. But it works fine for me now and I feel it is actually better than it used to be.

One problem is the new software does require a license per computer to use, which limits it to a single computer. Luckily it has not been a problem for me. And Fujitsu did finally release the older software in a 64-bit version.

At any rate I wouldn’t think twice about replacing my old ix500 with the new ix1600 if it were to quit running.


That reminds me of how when I upgraded to a new computer and needed to re-download the software, it required me to create an account and enter my serial number to do so. That struck me as strange and a bit of a pain in the neck just to get drivers. It’s not like anyone would want to use that software who didn’t buy a scanner.

That they limit it to one computer, I would think twice before buying a another one of their scanners.

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True, but more than just a one-off problem. There were really three problems, at least two of which have been belatedly addressed.

The most-discussed problem was obsoleting older (but not that old) Scansnap scanners with the release of macOS Catalina requiring 64-bit software. After a delay Fujitsu finally released a completely new software, ScanSnap Home. In addition to obsoleting older scanners, this ScanSnap Home software came with onerous licensing restrictions. For certain scanners, the software could be used only on ONE computer. For other scanners, there was a five-computer limit. Users who changed computers or had two computers (desktop and laptop, for example) were restricted until they contacted Fujitsu to arrange for additional licenses. Even a simple macOS upgrade using a “clean-install” method would trigger the software license restriction problem. These software license restrictions are onerous and not acceptable, in my opinion, for users who purchased a $400+ scanner.

After an even longer delay and severe pushback Fujitsu finally relented and released 64-bit versions of the original software (Scansnap Manager) without the onerous license restrictions. There was much discussion and consternation on this forum in the 2018-2019 time frame. For more information, search this forum for “Scansnap”. For several months I was not able to use my Scansnap S1500m until the 64-bit version of Scansnap Manager was released. I am now using Scansnap Manager V7.2 L20 without problems.

Another software problem dated back to 2016. Apple revised the PDFKit API in macOS Sierra. This “broke” the scan-to-PDF functionality in Scansnap Manager because SS Manager is not a stand-alone piece of software - it relies heavily on certain functions in macOS. Fujitsu has stumbled several times over the years in keeping the Scansnap’s software updated to reflect changes in macOS.

While I am fine with my Scansnap S1500M using Scansnap Manager v7.2 L20 now, I would not use the ScanSnap Home software. I would hesitate to purchase another Scansnap scanner due to the troubled history with Fujitsu’s software. If I needed a replacement scanner, I would also consider the Brother ADS-2700W or one of the Epson Workforce sheet-fed scanners.

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I had the old S300M ScanSnap for 8-10 years and now I have the S1300i. I’ve never created a ScanSnap account with Fujitsu and have always been able to download the new software. They always ask to set up an account whenever I install the software but I always skip this part. I’ve used the ScanSnaps on multiple machines over the years. My license is activated, so they know I am running their software. I guess I’m missing out on the features shown in the box at the bottom but my needs are simple and don’t require these features.

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It might have me just being dumb and I don’t remember now seeing this was at least 6 years ago. All I know is I remember having a really difficult time getting the download and the only way I could is proving I owned one. After that I have always kept a copy of the software on my drive so I don’t have to go through that again. It could have been me being stupid, or it could have been something they tried out and then got rid of because it was silly. Judging by some of their other moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried limiting it at some point. Every time I have needed something from their site, I have swore to never buy any more of their stuff. But I do really like my scanner and there isn’t really any competition in the market.


I remember having to jump through hoops during a reinstall too. It was silly, but not so silly that I bothered finding a different solution. :slight_smile:

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@webwalrus @neonate @Leeabe51 - Please correct me If I am wrong, but I suspect that you are using ScanSnap Home, the software that requires registration and restricts downloads and installations. To avoid the registration and software install restrictions, consider using the “older” Scansnap Manager software. For most of the current Scansnap scanners the release date is Dec 14, 2021, so it is current for macOS versions up to and including Monterrey.

You would probably need to avoid the Scansnap online updater software, since this directs you to the ScanSnap Home software.

The download website for Scansnap software downloads is:
Selecting your Scansnap model and your computer’s operating system will lead you to the actual download site. Go to the “Those Using Scansnap Manager” section for the download SS Manager link.

Scansnap Manager (unlike ScanSnap Home) requires no registration and there are no installation restrictions. Be sure to save your downloaded installation file because Fujitsu indicates that it will no longer provide updates for Scansnap Manager. Going forward, Fujitsu is clearly forcing Scansnap users to use its ScanSnap Home software with its onerous restrictions and registration requirements.

I plan to continue using my Scansnap S1500M with Scansnap Manager. If future macOS changes mean that Scansnap Manager will no longer work, I will discard the Scansnap scanner and purchase a different scanner such as the Brother 2700 ADS-2700W or one of the Epson Workforce sheet-fed scanners. Fujitsu is leading its users to a software environment where I don’t want to go.

For those with older scanners (my model is S1500M) some trickery is required. Selecting the “correct” Scansnap model S1500M directs me to download older versions of Scansnap Manager, circa 2016, supporting only through OS X Sierra 10.12.1. Not acceptable, of course. My work-around: I simply selected the software version for the Scansnap iX500, which led to the download site for the installer setup program MacSSinst2iX500ww.dmg. Instead of downloading this complete installer program, I selected the link for only the Scansnap Manager app “ScanSnap Manager V7.2L20”, not the full installer setup program. This Scansnap Manager app, designated for the Scansnap iX500, works perfectly for my Scanscanp S1500M.

I noticed today that there is a newer version, V7.2L22, so I will download (and save) that version later.

For those who believe that this is a ridiculous level of bother to simply keep a scanner working, I agree. As much as I have enjoyed my Scansnap S1500M, I will no longer rely on Scansnap scanners after this one stops working. I refuse to be bound by Fujitsu’s license restrictions of the ScanSnap Home software.

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I am using the older manager now. I have had this scanner over a decade I believe, but there was a period where Fitijsu was really trying to be innovative and adopting the cloud when they came out with Home. It was really rough until they figured out that people didn’t want that. They re-released the regular manager again later.

It is a great scanner, and it still works incredibly well.

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Yes, I’m using ScanSnap Home. I’ve been using a ScanSnap S1300i for almost 2 years. It’s been through 3 changes of computers and just as many nuke and pave installs. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’ve never had problems downloading and installing the software. I’m surmising that it may be because I never did create an account when I first installed the software nor on subsequent installs.

At present the SnapSnap works well for me for what I do. When that changes, I’ll consider all of my options.

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Excellent write-up but OMG, you bring back some bad memories and a lot of frustration. I swore to never use a Fujitsu product again.


You are too kind, thank you. Rather than deal with frustration, I channeled my old SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) from decades ago. I was determined to evade and escape the Fujitsu license straightjacket.

So far, so good … but the clock is ticking.

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Thank you for clarifying the software version. Yes - rough, indeed. My workflows involve scanning and maintaining folders of PDF files. There was much frustration, wailing and gnashing of teeth for over a year until Fujitsu eventually came through.

Yes, but the clock is ticking on Scansnap Manager. Quote from Fujitsu regarding Scansnap Manager::

Future functional improvements … No functional improvements are provided any more.


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