Search everything you've seen, said, or heard on your computer

This looks really cool.
It’s essentially a recording of everything you do on your computer, presented in a timeline that you can rewind, and it is also searchable, so you can search for any text that has appeared on the screen, in chat for meetings, etc… For those on the verge of losing their mind, all data are stored and processed on your local machine. And for the other people who haven’t lost their mind yet, it’s a subscription.

Demo video:

Here are their privacy policies:


I’ve seen/read about something like this before. Seems like it could be very helpful but . . . How much storage does it require?

I read somewhere it currently adds about 12GB/month of usage.

Glad you posted this. It’s indeed very cool. A significant advance on those services that you have to invite to join a Zoom or Slack call as an attendee. There are some etiquette issues to work out that go hand in hand with that advance.

I remember trying the somewhat similar HistoryHound app from St. Clair Soft (the Default Folder X guys) and even though that was just for browsing the web, it quickly got to be too much for me and I shut it down. Unless this feels lightweight and not like it’s always writing to the disk, I fear I would have the same reaction. I hope to be proven wrong.

Is it sort of like walking into a bar with Google Glasses on?

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That’s in-line with what they’re saying.

It didn’t register when I read it the first time that this is only for Mx chips. Here’s what they say about cpu usage:

Typically, while recording, Rewind uses only 20 - 40% of a single core.
For M1 (8 cores), that translates to only 2.5 - 5% of all CPU capacity.
For M1 Ultra (20 cores), that translates to only 1 - 2% of all CPU capacity.

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This statement from makes sense. I purchased four PictureTel videoconferencing units in the mid 90s and they only required two 56K digital phone lines to transmit excellent (for the time) video. Because they just transmitted the changes from frame to frame. :+1:t3:

“the amount of data that changes frame-to-frame when recording your screen is often remarkably redundant.”

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ATP covered this a few times. Including pointing just how much processing and storage are involved.

BTW the police are knocking at your door and have a warrant to review your Rewind. Heck maybe its as bad as Ring, cameras. :slight_smile:


This is finally out in public beta (I think) and I’m trialing it. Pretty cool but I was expecting more. It does a great job of digging up any text that’s showed up on screen but then doesn’t offer an easy way to go back to the item besides identifying the active app at the time which means that, if the text was in the background, it may not be the one you’re looking for.

If the hyperlink happens to show up (fully?) in the same screen then you can click on it.

Hopefully this can be improved but so far its just an interesting POC.

Agree that it’s more of a POC at the moment and for the monthly subscription it’s a bit clunky.
My major gripes (so far):

  • Automatic Zoom recording is no use to me and just to have that as a launched product is poor.
  • No keyboard shortcut to start / end manual audio recording.
  • Transcript window is way too small.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it records everything, not just Zoom meetings.
There are options to record meetings or not.

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But not automatically, yes you can record but you need to remember to start / stop it. Teams is where I do all my meetings and I would want it to record those calls automatically.
At least if there was a keyboard shortcut to start / stop it’d be slightly easier.

So, you could record a Zoom Meeting, without everybody else is informed about that?

Yeah, just like you could with Audio Hijack and a myriad of other tools.


The idea is to leave it on all the time.
You can exclude certain apps if you want, and stop it if you’re using banking sites or what have you.

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I’m talking specifically about the audio element here, I didn’t think the idea was to leave the microphone on all the time?
It’s capturing the screen all the time.

I know it’s poor form reacting to a post this way, but I couldn’t find the GIF I wanted to choose to represent my feelings on this. Instead, a quick YouTube clip :rofl:

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I’m trialling this right now.
First impression is good, but I’ve only had it installed for about 24 hours - i really think the benefit comes after a few weeks…

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Boy the courts are gonna love this :judge: and the hackers :zombie: (there’s no hacker emoji so here’s a zombie).


Yes I think I can confirm that it seems to be recording all audio on MacOS and transcribing that (likely using Apple’s onboard tools?) and then indexing.

Still rough around the edges as I can only just seem to get a timeline and navigating that isn’t the most intuitive. I’m hopeful this can really turn into a useful productivity time machine.

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