September 10th 2019 Apple Event Thread!

Here’s our regular event thread to talk about what happens during the keynote!

To avoid too much speculation before the event please post about that here:


New iPhone name?

  1. XR, S, S Max
  2. 11, 11 pro & 11 pro big
  3. 11, 11 pro & 11 pro Max
  4. Other

I am buying an iPhone this year so I’m excited about today.

I’m mostly excited about the OS release dates, though. Safe money’s on the 24th but given the betas have moved on to the first point release already I’m hoping for the 17th.


Wish I could skip this year because of the 5G switch next year, but the microphone on my 7+ stopped working a week ago. So I have to upgrade, I guess. Really loved my 7+, sad to see it go.
I’m way more exited about the rumored tiles and headphones than the new phones,

I bought a new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch last year, so I don’t need to replace any of my devices this year. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. . .

Honestly, I’m not too tempted by what’s been rumored for the new iPhone (or iPad for that matter, though we’re not likely to see that today). I am very interested in sleep tracking on the watch, however. If that’s exclusive to the Series 5 I may be tempted to upgrade (for the third year in a row).


I’m in a similar spot, albeit I didn’t upgrade my iPad… but am thinking about it this year.

My XR has been a delight to use, and since I’m red/green colorblind… photography with more vibrant color really isn’t my thing :slight_smile: So there’s little appeal for something with better cameras.

I will probably update to a new watch, and have gotten a new one every year since their introduction. The only thing that would stop me is if there wasn’t a positive improvement iteration, and they just put the Series 4 in the new materials (titanium). That wouldn’t be enough to get me to upgrade, nor would sleep tracking because I’ve been using SleepWatch for about a year and I really enjoy it.

I’m not sure why people are excited about 5G given how poor of an experience it’s going to be for almost everyone for at least a few years.

People seem to think it’s just faster 4G, but not only does it require new network and device hardware (that’s going to rinse your battery), it’s also reliant on a clear line of sight to the node. So you go indoors, turn a corner, or just a bus drives by and you’re back on 4G.

It’s really not a technology worth getting excited about at this point.


One bit of additional info: There are basically two flavors of 5G: one that uses much higher frequencies and promises much faster data transfer, and one that uses the same frequencies as 4G with only marginal improvements.

What @Wolfie said applies to the first flavor: you need line of sight to the cell node (not to mention the fact that the wireless carriers only plan to deploy this in very dense areas of major cities, so if you live in a smaller city or out in the suburbs you won’t get these higher frequencies at all).

Because it uses the same frequencies as 4G, the second flavor of 5G behaves about like 4G. A 5G cell tower using these lower frequencies will have about the same coverage as a 4G tower and the carriers are planning to deploy it more widely. The flip side is it doesn’t actually provide much higher speeds than existing 4G networks (it’s more like 4G+ than 5G).

Why does this matter? The cell carriers are eager to market “5G” and are really going to hype it in order to get people to sign up for service, buy new 5G devices, upgrade their data plans, etc. They’re not going to tell you that most of the time the 5G experience is going to be that second flavor using 4G frequencies; not much of an improvement over 4G


This explains why some carriers can get away with saying they have 5G now without actually having the infrastructure set up… totally makes sense for me now! Thanks!


I’m curious about the new iPhones… for my mom, who wants to upgrade her iPhone 7. (My XS Max will be good for another year.)

Aside from that, I’m interested in an iPad Pro refresh, likely buying around Black Friday. And if a watchOS refresh (ever) offers an always-on-time option I’d be finally interested.

Otherwise I’m not sure there’s much today I’m expecting or expectant about.

The one thing I’d jump on would be an Apple WiFi_6 mesh router, especially if it came with a VPN subscription. Just the other day Orbi announced the first (rather expensive) next-gen WiFi_6 mesh setup, and if Apple were to jump back into that business now/soon would be the time


I’m excited, for the first time in years I don’t have any meetings during the event! Hopefully the closed door will help to minimize unscheduled ones too.

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I agree, I see no reason to be excited about any technology that would allow me to hit my monthly data cap in a matter of seconds.


here we go! finally… :wink:

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Quite a few Macs in that opening video for an iPhone event.


yes, a lot of hardware in the intro… I wonder…

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Yeeeahh… no SAT’s…

Who’s playing the “Services” drinking game… Each time a service is mentioned…

We’re off to an early start!

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I already wonnnn… uhmmmm

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First mention was in “service to humanity” I think!