September 10th 2019 Apple Event Thread!

why always the game demo’s… soooo boring

At least they’re out of the way at the beginning. Maybe they’re padding so those that come in late don’t miss anything important!

You’re absolutely right. Get it over with… (time to get a coffee)

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I loved the podium rising up from the floor! And Arcade is going to be very popular so I get the demos - but I’m after the hardware!


Boring Apple TV+ shows comming up :slight_smile:

Haha, I think I’ll need the coffee after taking a drink each time services are mentioned. I think it’s ok to play the drinking game when the keynote is 6pm here. Less ok if it’s 10am!


exactly, 7 pm here so:Cheers!

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Guess: arcade + music +tv+ for 24,99?

Haha, indeed Proost!


(I would sign up in a second)

Don’t forget Apple News+.

I can’t get that now so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

always a nice US - world divide: You get the services first… haha

I’m really looking forward to seeing See! And it’s filmed here in British Columbia.


Does anyone know how they work out the babies can see?

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soooo beautiful! wow!

That does bring up an interesting question of how Apple would handle bundle pricing worldwide when not all services are available in all countries.

Exactly my thought - lol

1 year free is a great hook

$4.99 for Apple TV+ is pretty much a no-brainer for me (I’d pay that much just for For All Mankind).

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