September/October 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software (maybe books) Deals

DEVONtechnologies has student and teacher discounts of 40%
Apply here
Or log into your account, check your status and reapply if needed.

This promotion runs until September 20th, 2020, 6 p.m. UTC, and is exclusively available to students and faculty world-wide with a valid student or faculty ID. The discount cannot be used for purchasing an upgrade or be combined with other discounts. See our Business Principlesfor more about on how we do promotions.

For Labor Day JixiPix is giving away its Mac Portrait Painter app (currently $14.99) with coupon-code LABORDAY20

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Fledgling (SSDs upgrades and enclosures) has a 15% off sale until Sep 8.

All Weekend Long!

That’s right, we’re celebrating Labor Day with a storewide sale! Save 15% on your entire order through September 8th! No code needed!

Evernote is offering a 40% discount on Evernote Premium through September 16.

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Deals on different software. Expires on 15th

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Squarespace is offering 20% off a new annual website plan through September 18 with the promo code SEPT20. If you are already a Squarespace customer then it would be worth checking to see if cancelling your current plan and signing up for a new one with this code makes sense. I was able to save a significant amount by doing so!

OWC Back to School Sale

OWC Back to School Sale

1Password is running a promo for new users, 25% off.

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Don’t see a new thread for October 2020 Sales, so I put it here:

[MacOS] Oka Unarchiver: Unzip ZIP RAR [IAP Lifetime VIP $7.99–> FREE]

IAP Lifetime VIP:
  1. Download the app from the MAS;
  2. Open the app
  3. Click on the “VIP” button on the top right of the interface;
  4. Purchase free “Lifetime VIP” (the third one)


If you have Amazon Prime, they have AirPods on sale today as part of Prime Day for $114.99.

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How can I validate I have the free lifetime VIP?

The upgrade button is still there after “buying” it…

As stated above, click on VIP button and select lifetime VIP which is listed as free. Make sure you click on the free option

So I just spent a couple hours going through all the Amazon Prime tech on sale (so far) and figured you’d all appreciate my curated list. Fair warning, It’s for my website which uses affiliate links, but I’ve worked hard so you can see all the deals and information you need without clicking on anything unless you want to buy. I divided it into two lists: Apple hardware and other tech & accessories. Hope I can save you some dough and from looking through 900+ deals like I did!


I tried to “buy” it a second time; then it said I already have lifetime VIP.

Still the App has the upgrade button and offers a paid monthly plan…

Prime Day¹ deal on the CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock is down from $250 to $200.

This is the dock that both Stephen and myself have mentioned, and which Mikah Sargent mentioned (in his review for iMore) as being the best dock he’s ever used.

If you’ve been curious, this is a good deal (and Amazon’s return period is now through January, I think so plenty of time to test).

Right now it is 10% claimed so don’t hesitate if you’re interested!

¹ it’s two days but they still call it Prime Day. Which annoys me but is largely irrelevant.

You already bought it, so you don’t need to care about the VIP button. You can use its service without problems. Or if you feel annoyed to see that button, you can use OA archiver Keka instead.

Yes, I’m actually a Keka user for quite some time.

(“bought” the other one just in case)

Amadine vector graphics software is on sale for $9.99

@JohnAtl do you have any experience with this graphics software?

No I don’t. I bought it to get the sale, and will try it out soon.

I’ve been looking for a replacement for InkScape for a while. Thinking this might be it.