SetApp - Which apps do you use?

Many, us pay for SetApp yet don’t get all the value because we don’t know the full extent of all the shiny toys.

Apps I use

Some of these I paid for before SetApp - honestly my subscription is on the edge of good value

  • CleanShotX - Screenshots, annotations etc
  • ForkLift - Finder replacement for me
  • Sessions - as a tool to help me remember to focus in a time block
  • HoudahSpot - Spotlight on steroids - this has been a real gem for me
  • BetterTouchTool - automation app - handles my stream deck and soon will replace Bartender for me
  • Typing Mind - my current ChatGPT tool of choice
  • BusyCal - recently replaced Fantastical for me
  • MindNode - I want to be a Mindmap maker and it rarely happens
  • Timing - time tracking ostensibly the reason I paid for SetApp - irony I hardly use the app
  • PopClip - In place Text transformations - awesome when I remember to use it
  • ForecastBar - I just installed it - seems like a good weather app. With luck it has better forecasts than Apple Weather (for Canada)

Installed and Don’t use

  • Paste - Installed and never seem to use - KeyBoard Maestro’s tools are good enough
  • Permute - haven’t needed the functionality
    I just forget these exist
  • RocketTypist
  • Soulver
  • Prizmo
  • Tripsy

Tried and Failed

  • NotePlan - seems very well done, I need much deeper OS level integration
  • Spark Mail - just not my style of email
  • VPN - I use IVPN and need a family subscription not just a me thing

This was last asked 4 yrs ago, so it feels relevant again
What the hidden gems have I missed?


I’m curious what this statement even means. Perhaps an example of a note taking app with “deeper OS level integration” would help me understand.

(Full disclosure. I’ve been a NotePlan subscriber for more than two years.)

Here are the ones I have installed:

Apps I Use Regularly

CleanShot X
iStat Menus

Apps I Use Infrequently

Aeon Timeline
One Switch
PDF Squeezer

Apps I don’t use


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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Noteplan seems like an excellent Journalling app. I was trying to use it for task management and day planning. It fell down for me there.

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This one could easily fall into your “I forget it exists” category, but I use Numi a lot. It’s a bit like Soulver but I find it more ergonomic.


I use:

CleanMyMac X

Learning to use
Aeon Timeline

Will probably keep using BetterTouchTool and MindNode, but finding Aeon too frustrating,

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NotePlan is not intended to rival OmniFocus or Things, for example, if that is what you need. But my needs don’t require that level of task management. I keep a fairly detailed Daily Note and, with NotePlan’s Calendar and Reminders integration, stay on top of all the things I want to get done. I understand that a busy entrepreneur might need additional tools over what NotePlan can provide.


I use NotePlan for one thing: weekly staff meeting notes. I add things throughout the week and email it out a few hours before the meeting, then augment it with other people’s contributions during the meeting. We don’t have formal meeting minutes (we’re a 3 person group) but it’s useful to have a permanent record of what’s important to my job, and putting it in Noteplan pre-files it in a useful order.


That’s pretty much how I use it, too. That’s how I’ve used Agenda in the past as well, before I got Setapp.

I use NotePlan to plan my day after reviewing my next steps for different projects on OmniFocus.

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Apps I use: Nitro PDF Pro (it’s 14.99 a month from the developer), Craft (10 dollars a month if billed monthly although you get a lower tier with SetApp), Awesome Habits, Hookmark, Permute, MindNode, Be Focused, BTT.

No longer use: NotePlan (I like the app, but I really like having tabs for multiple notes), Bartender, Side notes (fun idea, but one more inbox for things to get lost in), Good Task.

Yeah, tabs would be really nice. That’s an option already in Obsidian, I believe.

Cc: @metzgereduard :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I’ve been using tabs in Obsidian ever since they were added as a feature.

You might want to revisit noteplan - there have been many improvements recently. You might also look at the projects and task management extensions.

I unsubscribed years ago and bought licenses for all the apps I used - it came to less than $100. They include:

Bartender (not using anymore)
Jump Desktop (not using anymore)

I found it a great way to discover apps, but not worth paying each year for.


I prefer Path Finder to ForkLift.

What do you make of the mess over lack of support for Path Finder from CocoaTech as reported in their Discord forum?

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I’m test driving NotePlan as a segregated workspace for purely administrative matters. I’ve been using Obsidian’s tasks + calendar plugin to do this, and it’s worked just fine for my needs. However, I’ve found that once I’m in Obsidian I tend to wander away from the admin and get sucked down some more interesting research rabbit hole. (Squirrel!)

I’m experimenting with two daily notes: one in NotePlan for the day-to-day things we all need to do to hold our quotidian lives together, and one in Obsidian for research, thinking, and reflection.

I really like NotePlan’s integration with my calendars, but I’m on the fence about whether I want to take advantage of its integration with Reminders and put my tasks there instead of directly in NotePlan.

I tried it a few weeks ago. It’s a very good app, it just doesn’t have enough OS level notifications etc.

That is what drove me to Forklift. Pathfinder stopped evolving.