Several problems with TS4 dock and MacBook Pro

I just received my CalDigit TS4 dock. I’m having several issues:

  1. Ethernet doesn’t work. This has been documented elsewhere on the forum, and I responded to that post. Apparently, it’s a firmware issue, so there is not much to be done until the new version is out.
  2. I have an Apple Studio Display connected to the TS4, which is plugged into my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode. The ASD does not appear as an input or output option in the Sound control panel. If I connect the ASD directly to my MBP, I see it in both input/output, so this seems to be a dock issue too.
  3. I have a pair of Sennheiser external speakers. When I plug them into any of the audio ports on the TS4, they don’t work. I see “CalDigit TS4 audio (rear)” listed in the Sound control panel, but when I select it, there is no audio output.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

I am experiencing #3 with the TS4. I also have a TS3 and the Ethernet didn’t work with it, and sound would work intermittently.