Shout out to how relaxing the MPU podcast is

This could be an oddball topic, but does anyone feel super relaxed listening to the MPU podcast? I really find David and Stephen’s mellow way of conversing about tech super refreshing. A lot of other tech news can get a little “hot” in terms of controversy or politics or whatever else, but on MPU it’s just thorough and thoughtful discussions of tech with measured and thoughtful criticism when appropriate.

I’m not a stranger to anxiety and I find this podcast is just great to escape into. Probably will have to buy a membership to get More Power Users. I also find on sleepless nights, I enjoy digging up an old MPU podcast and just running it on a sleep timer as I slowly dive into dreamland.


I frequently listen to podcasts to unwind and occasionally revisit old MPU episodes for information. But I don’t listen just for the dulcet sounds of the host’s voices.

Too many times the old shows just serve to remind me how long we have been waiting for Apple to add a feature or fix a problem.:grinning:

MPU might want to consider going into the ASMR business!


I find it to be very calming. It helps me sleep but sometimes I get far too interested to sleep.


Saved it at the end there. :stuck_out_tongue:


I listen on 1.5x so I miss out on the mellowness!


LOL!!. I find them to be fascinating. A lot of it may be over my head but an amazing amount isn’t. I like the way they explain things. Excellent teachers.

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Gotta pick out the episodes on a topic you aren’t TOO interested in, lol. I’m the same. Generally, I love to listen to lots of similar podcasts - tech, productivity, GTD, etc. If it’s a sleep one I’ll pick a topic I’m not super into like automation or something. Or one I’ve listened to before!


LOL! I have to pick something I am at least somewhat interested in so it holds my attention and I quit worrying. But I find out it is too interesting in which case I lose sleep (no big deal).

Often I’ll replay an episode.

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I similarly have to avoid reading cool self-help books like GTD or Power of Habit kind of stuff at night too. I get too excited, LOL.

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I was an audible subscriber for many years. When I really have problems sleeping I pull up one of my “Why did I buy THIS?” books that I couldn’t finish. :sleeping:

Which podcasts can you recommend? I like anything Mac.

So glad I’m not the only one who sometimes falls asleep to MPU! I also feel the same way about Focused. Just chill and I also always notice different things upon a re-listen.

I use to listen to “Russia House” by John Le Carre every night. I originally bought it to drive cross country and just couldn’t concentrate on it.

Then I taped a lecture about Ancient Egypt. That one conked me out but good! It was an interesting lecture in person though.

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Only other Mac podcast I listen to is Accidental Tech Podcast. Sadly, it’s not as chilled out as MPU. The Focused Podcast is always great, though I’m sure everyone here is familiar or listens to it.

MacSparky has a webcast on November 10th on Focus. Not sure where though… or the time.

As I recall the movie, with Michelle Pfeiffer & Sean Connery, was pretty good.

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The movie was very good, Wayne. For some reason, I have a hard time concentrating with books on tape.

I don’t retain facts from audio books as well as those I read. About five years ago I listened to The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson. Last year I bought the kindle version to refresh my memory. Amazon scored 2 sales on that title.

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LOL! I think I am visual learner. The schools seem to be set up that way although I substituted in a deaf ed class for a few days. I was amazed just how much I used audio. I use to carry around a record player. (Yeah, I’m dating myself). I had story books with records.

Take Spanish eg. It is hard for me to recall a word unless I see it.

When I am reading, I usually do not try to remember anything. I (finally) started to take some notes. I’ll see how that goes.

But on audio, if I start daydreaming, then I’m lost.

I had the first twenty minutes of Russia House memorized!

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