Show me your .... Apple Watch Straps


I am looking for a nato type strap any recommendations? Would love to see what your favourite watch straps are regardless if it is a nato or not.


I bought all sorts of bands and constantly switched them, until I got the Sport Loop in dark olive. I didn’t think I’d like it, but have worn it 95% of the time for the last several months. Very comfortable and adjustable.


Beside the Nike- and the original Apple Watch strap, i got some of Bluestein, my favourite is this black/red combination.



I have a few striped ones that I got from Amazon. Not super high quality, but I like them and switch them often.



Very nice all of them. Time to shop via amazon. Any recommended vendor for Canadian purchase?

Well, since you asked…

Here is my collection of watch bands as of a few weeks ago that I use with my 42 mm Stainless Steel Series 3. I’ve acquired a few more which I have not yet photographed…


Left to Right:

(1) Juuk Revo in brushed Stainless Steel
(2) Juuk Locarno with a mix of polished and brushed stainless steel links
(3) Lucrin band, smooth leather in White with contrasting red stitching
(4) Lucrin band, smooth leather in Mouse Grey with matching stitching
(5) Lucrin band, smooth leather in Navy Blue with matching stitching
(6) Lucrin band, goat leather in Tan with contrasting white stitching
(7) Lucrin band, goat leather in Royal Blue with contrasting gray stitching (Elegance Model)
(8) Lucrin band, goat leather in Dark Taupe with contrasting white stitching (Elegance Model)
(9) Apple Sport Band in Soft White (this came with the watch)
(10) Juuk Vitenza Onyx, a new model with perforated black leather with red edges and silver hardware.

If you are looking for metal bands, the Juuk models are some of the best out there. Not cheap, but top quality. They just came out with a leather line as well, with deployant clasps (not buckles).

Likewise, the Lucrin leather models are hideously expensive, but extremely nice. The best part is that they offer a bewildering array of leather colors, types, and customization options so you can go crazy!


I don’t like it with the darker watch. Was thinking of getting one but it doesn’t match well.

Sorry that sounded mean, your correct I mean the newer band. Your band looks good, maybe I’ll find one on eBay. Do you switch your bands a lot? I find myself using my “leather” (not sure if real leather) band from amazon most often and the plain black band when exercising.

If they upgrade the watch such that we can’t keep using our old bands I will be very bummed out. After a while, these bands become an investment!

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Leather bands that is also a good idea. This post might cost me some serious money.

I spent $16.99 and bought this rainbow-style apple watch band, which is really cheap. how do you feel?UTB8lU3hgKvJXKJkSajhq6A7aFXaJ