Show off all your Apple Watch bands!

Riffing off of this this oldie but goodie, I thought I’d bring it back. Show me your Apple Watch straps!

I just bought my first Apple Watch two weeks ago: a midnight aluminum cellular model, 41mm because I like smaller watches. But I could not get along with the colour. Loved everything but the watch itself. So I exchanged it for the 41mm silver stainless steel. I love this thing. It reminds me of my Withings Activite.

I’ve got two straps right now, but only dig the Milanese. I need something nice for my workouts.

So let’s talk straps! What straps do you have? Show me photos!

For each strap, I’d love to know: why you got it, do you wear it, do you still like it?

This is the graphite Milanese with the silver stainless steel next to my Withings watch so you can see the rough similarity in steel hue. My Withings watch is 6 or 7 years old now, so it’s beat up. I love that look. I got the dark Milanese because I love the contrast. I love wearing this band so far.

This is the whole set up, including the black Nike sport band. I am not a fan of the sport band. I don’t like all the extra holes. I’m sure they’re good for breathability, and they seem good at that, but I can’t stand seeing my arm hair through my watch strap.

I still wear the Withings watch if my Apple Watch needs to charge; I feel naked without a watch on.

I am looking for new straps all the time; my next for-sure buy is this leather band, which looks like exactly what I want to match the leather band for my Activite.

Here’s one more crummy photo of the SS silver with the graphite Milanese, this time on my wrist for reference:

Tell me about your watch bands! What do you have? What ones do you like? Which have fallen out of favour with you? I want to see them all!


I’m on my third Apple Watch, having had the original, Series 3, and now Series 5, but I have only just bought my first ever additional band. A friend suggested I do so when I said I wasn’t buying any of this year’s new toys.

I love the bright Marigold colour and the barely-there comfort of the solo loop. Maybe I will return to the black Milanese Loop I bought it with.

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Love the colour contrast between the two! What material is your watch?

Orange Sunshine or something! I also have a blue one/

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I am. I tried several bands with my original Series 2, but I settled on the Nike sport years ago and recently purchased another one. Workout tech worn with anything became acceptable years ago for some people, and hopefully for regular guys like me. :grinning:

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I’m a big fan of the sport loop. I have a Nike loop that came with the watch, and over the past few years I’ve splurged and bought another Nike loop and a blue/black loop from Apple. But most of my sport loops are cheap knockoffs from Amazon. They’re pretty good quality, too — it’s hard to tell the difference between Apple/Nike loops and the knockoffs unless you’re holding them right next to each other.

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What colours are you wearing these days?

I’d love to see photos! Which ones are you wearing most often? Are there any colours you’ve bought that you regretted buying?

The original Anthracite/Black. I wasn’t issued a full set of color receptors at birth so I tend to keep things simple.

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Sure. Here’s the collection:

My favorites are the one that’s on the watch, everything to the left of it, and the one immediately to the right. They’re the ones I wear most often (I usually pick to match or blend with whatever shirt I’m wearing).

The two at the far right are actually Milanese loop knock-offs. The darker one shows nicks pretty easily, and it’s the one I kind of regret buying. The space grey one has done much better. I really only wear it for (rare) dressy sorts of occasions, though. When I’m using my MBAir as a laptop instead of hooked up to my monitor, the band has a tendency to stick to the computer.

The only Apple/Nike bands are the one on the watch (Apple), and the ones at top and bottom (Nike). I purchased the one on the watch and the black one at the bottom separately. The purplish one (Royal Pulse or whatever they call the color) up top came with my current Series 6.

I only use the Nike bands for working out; they live in a pocket in my gym bag.


Apple link bracelet:

Bought it for my Series 2 and have used it on every watch since. Cost a pretty penny, so I’m glad Apple has kept band compatibility for this long. It has restricted my watch color choices though. I don’t think it looks it’s best with anything other than a stainless watch.


I have a pet theory that the silver stainless steel is the one designed to match everything and look most like a normal watch, so that’s a good colour to get anyway :wink:

Quick question… do you use this for exercise…like running etc… I have one of those but because I run almost daily, I just use the sport band…. Probably should use it considering how expensive it was

I personally use the silver link bracelet, and my wife the Milanese loop. Both look amazing.

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It’s the black … or is that space grey? … aluminium.

Yes. I use it for exercise.

No picture but my favorite is a knock off braided solo loop in black. Just enough stretch to get it on without any bulky buckles or overlapping bands. I am trying to find the same in navy but it is no longer available. The 2 similar ones I’ve bought on Amazon were more of a silicone material with a fake braid look.