Show us your new iOS 16 Lock Screen

I thought it would be fun to see new iOS 16 Lock Screens.


I love this photo. I’ll probably cycle through more once my library is done processing–but not too many more so I see it often enough. :slight_smile:


Here’s mine, I’m sure I’ll update this.


Shuffled Pet Photos. Refreshes every hour. I have Carrot, Fantastical, Fitness and Todoist as widgets.


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but NONE of my photos have the “depth effect”. I’ll take a photo of one of my kids, a building, an object – never works. Maybe I’m missing something.

I also find it confusing that every time I change a wallpaper I have to set a “wallpaper set” and I’ve screwed up my home screen wallpaper a few times getting lost in this process. It’s not super simple from what I’ve experienced so far.


I’m a bit disappointed in how little room there is for widgets. One more row would make it so much better in my opinion.


I’m using the earth one. I love the animation to the Home Screen, and how it changes over the day. I feel like it also keeps me a little bit more aware of my smallness in the vast configuration of things.


This morning I’ve lost the depth effect on that photo in the screenshot. Assuming my loss is temporary, maybe it’ll become available on some of yours.


I went overboard with the Focus lockscreen integration :sweat_smile:

The first one is my daily lockscreen with 4 widgets:

  1. Weather temperature
  2. Distance traveled (when pressed, it opens Google Maps)
  3. Grocery list
  4. Whiz shortcut to finding the closest bus for home

The second is my Do Not Disturb lockscreen which I see for a few hours before sleep. No widgets or distractions here, only a yawning cat and an inline shortcut for toggling on/off my custom built Ambilight LED strip.

Then the third one is my music screen, for when I record my improvisations. For now it only has a Rec widget that starts a new lossless audio recording when I press on it. Wishing for some Loopy Pro native widgets later this year.

The custom widgets are done using a combination of OneWidget’s Icon widgets, and custom Shortcuts which OneWidget can run on press.


I’m running into some weirdness around photos for the lock screen. I’m trying to use photo shuffle. When I try to use people, though, and click on “Choose…”, I’m only given four people to choose from. Some of them are people I want in the shuffle, but not all of them — and there are people I do want in the shuffle who are missing.

The people that don’t show as available that I want as choices are marked as favorites in Photos.

Am I missing something?

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I am using multiple lock screens based on focus mode. Here is my personal focus mode screen. The photos rotate periodically.

I’m using the same one. I think it’s called Astronomy.

So few apps on your home screen? I want this for me as well

Its the widgets. You can’t have the depth effect over the clock AND the widgets, its one or the other.


The wallpaper set is so annoying, that’ll change quickly I think.

The depth effect doesn’t work with the widgets below the time. Try getting rid of those and trying your photos again.

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Ah, yes, that’s it. I was trying one. Thank you!

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the link between lock-screen setup and focus modes is waaaaay to complicating to me.
Every time I set a certain set to link to a focus mode it says “executing automation” and reverts to old setup.

Can’t get it to work properly, so if anyone knows of a good article explaining this that would be great!

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I’ve been doing this for a long time and it works well for me. I have these eight apps in easy access and the I search for the rest. Having the search on the Home Screen is especially helpful.

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The new Lock Screen makes me angry due to the first impression.
I used to have a Apple Wallpaper (the one with the milky way) since they first introduced it, some 10 years or so ago.
And iOS16 changed the font on this one, into a (in my eyes) very ugly one.
The Problem, I could not make any changes on this lock screen. Apple forced me to create a new one, but on the same time, didn’t give access to the older wallpaper.
I almost changed back onto iOS15, but was able, after a long search, to download the wallpaper on the internet from a more or less dubious source, to get my background back working!

It is OK, if Apple is developing something new, but I just don’t understand why they did not just migrate the current lock screen into one with the new features. After all, it is just a picture, as all other pictures, too.


I agree that not being able to convert the image that you were already using is an odd choice. Anyone have theories as to why that is?


I’m not angry, I’m used to upgrades screwing up things. I’m just irritated. The first thing I tried to do is reset the font on my Lock Screen. Then I tried to create a new one exactly like my old one but the way my photos are displayed makes it difficult to find the one I want.

I wear an Apple Watch. I don’t want widgets on my Lock Screen. So for now I’m using my old one with the new fat font.

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