Sidebar... how to access it

Hi, I was watching an instructional video and the guy started doing all sorts of stuff in the sidebar. I don’t have any idea how to access it. I did try searching to no avail. Also while I am at it, I don’t know how to access the stuff on the right side in finder. Help always is so appreciated!

Do you have the sidebar hidden? On my screenshot, it offers the option to “hide” it but if you have it hidden it will offer to show it. You find this option under the View menu.

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Could you be more specific? I am curious as to what you mean.

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@curtismchale has it right, the only thing to add is that you must have a Finder window open to see those menu items (I hope that’s not too obvious).

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I thought I had it but I don’t.

I still don’t understand what you were referring to though! Screenshot? :slight_smile:

@Katie a screenshot of the video would be helpful here :slight_smile:

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That’s left side stuff though.

By “on the right side” do you mean info like file size, modification date, and so on?

What is the video you watched @Katie?

We need to talk about your desktop icons at some point in this discussion. :stuck_out_tongue: (Why is the Apple TV icon out of line?! How can you live with that?!) (And why does your dock have aliases?)


Ok. The right side I figured it out. Actually I was just playing with it. The sidebar on the left…??

Video on YouTube

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Once again, a screenshot of the video would help us figure out what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Yes, sidebar is on the left. I wasn’t aware you could move it.

I don’t know. I haven’t had a computer in about 8 years.

I use to be a pretty good rank amateur. Ha!

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I am SO sorry! Until tonight I didnt even know it existed.


Nothing to be sorry about at all, macOS is not intuitive. Although watching this guys video, I am still not sure what you meant on the “right”.

No, I mixed up my right and my left sides. I can access the notifications etc on the right.

The left sidebar, well as I said, I didn’t know it even existed and it looks like it may be pretty handy or cool.

Ok, I am going to quit watching this guys video then because it’s driving me nuts. :slight_smile:

I thought the sidebar was on by default, but when I get a new Mac one of the first things I do is go in and change things, so I am not sure.

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well, thanks anyway!