Siri Shortcut to Add Discourse Forum Post to OmniFocus

If you’re like me you may take some time to check in on MPU Talk (and other Discourse forums) but don’t necessarily have time right then to read or respond to the posts that you’d like. I created this Siri Shortcut to create an OmniFocus task. It lets you choose the tag (based on what forum your in), gets the name of the post for the task title, choose an action word to preface the task, and puts the link to the post in the notes.

I’ve outlined in detail and gave some more reasons why I’ve been using it in this blog post.

But if you don’t want to read my explanations or read through the description of the workflow you can go ahead and download it here. Of course, feel free to take it and modify it for your own purposes.

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Great minds think alike:

Oh nice! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the shortcut to remove &;quot; from the title of the forum post if it exists and replace it with an actual quote. Additionally, it will now open the Discourse app once the shortcut is finished running. You can download the updated shortcut here. I wish there was a way to update shared shortcuts without creating a new link!