Sleeves and Bags

hey MPU,

I am not sure if we ever covered this topic…but how do you travel with your gear! I am not talking about chargers, wires, etc. but actual ‘bags’. I am looking for better options instead of my current setup.

If I am doing local work for a few hours…
I use this bag it fits my iPad Pro, my iPad Mini, a few charging cables, maybe a notepad and a book, that’s really about it.

If I am going to be out for a full day or longer, I carry a Swiss Gear Backpack, that has iPad Pro, iPad Mini, multiple charging cables, 2 beefy Anker power banks, adapters galore, HDMI wire, (I think I just removed my VGA adapter recently from the setup) extension cables, and a power strip.

What piece of luggage do you use?

I use this one for out of town trips.

I have been using a Tom Bhin Synik 30 and am very happy. I used to use a Tom Bhin Synapse.

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I use this awesome pack for pretty much all my tech carrying (14 MPB and iPad air on a daily basis, and space including a change of clothes, lunch, a spare inner tube, and other odds and end), in a variety of situations including my daily cycle commute, day trips, longer trips:

I’ve recently bought a cheap tech organiser from Amazon to stash additional chargers, hub, cables, so I have a travel ‘grab bag’ and don’t have to unplug everything.

I just bought this bag (Waterfield Compact Executive) to replace both personal and work backpacks before a recent conference and really like it. It’s just enough for my work laptop, personal iPad Pro 11in, Sony XM5 headphones, Kindle, and Switch.

Timbuk2 makes some of the most durable bags I have ever owned! I own 3 and the oldest is 15 years old which looks brand new. It’s worth a look and #imo the best bag for road warriors.

I love their bags and am contemplating this one.
I noticed that there aren’t any internal pockets anyplace. Do you find that you’re always searching or digging to find that certain something?
Any impressions you can share?
Thank you!

Every time I see a thread like this I buy a new bag! Must resist … But man that one looks good @Bmosbacker.

I travel overnight for work every week and have found the Tumi eSports Pro backpack to be great. I can fit two laptops and an 12.9 iPad Pro easily, plus a change of clothes and gym gear and still have plenty of space.

If I am going into our London office for the day then I use the Waterfield Air-Porter. I have carried two laptops in it with ease but its main upside is the plethora of internal pockets and holders inside. If I’m flying I pair this with the Tumi Alpha International carry on and use the WaterField AirCaddy inside the Air-Porter for my iPad/iPod/Phone/Passport etc… this is great to be able to just take to my seat and not have to have the bag at my feet.

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I use the same one. It’s great.

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No, there are enough “pockets”/sleeves for everything. I use the two main internal pockets for my MBP, a 12.9" iPad, toiletries, an extra pair of pants, a shirt, etc. I’ve not had any trouble quickly finding what I need. This backpack and my carry-on are good for a week’s worth of travel.

I hope you I don’t cost you any money! :rofl:

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There are a lot of expensive bags recommend in this thread, which I am sure are great. If you want a great bag for $30, I suggest this.
I have been using it for almost a year. I carry a 14 inch MBP, iPad, and various other items. It has a ton of space and lots of pockets.


I can’t believe you just made me order the bag in chocolate leather!

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That’s my wife’s approach to bags. Buy the cheapest, cutest one possible and wear it out in a year or two so you can buy a new one. Both approaches valid and she’ll probably spend less money than me overall!

Seriously! :rofl: Just so you know, if your wife asks (assuming you’re married of course :rofl:), I’ll deny I had anything to do with it!

Married and through you under the bus already :slight_smile:

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They’re out of stock on the color I wanted. Must be Divine Providence.

Indeed!! :rofl: “Saved.” :wink:

I resisted … that particular bag, but I did end up getting a second smaller Waterfield AirCaddy in snazzy blue leather :nerd_face:

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Must resist… can’t look at air caddy… but the siren song is drawing me…

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