So what are your fav tech related RSS feeds?

Getting back into it after this:

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Used to have all the fav websites and blogs in my feed and ended up with too much “double” news. Seems like most press releases just get rehashed throughout.

I have since developed a series of well defined google alerts on people, topics and things and created a RSS feed for these alerts (say alerts on my name, address, company, twitter handle, website, and many many more) This way I get to see everything from tweets, retweets, likes, responses, linkedin posts etc.

It started with a folder on my own tags, but have since expanded into fav podcasts, apps etc. Once in a while I log into Google to moderate the alerts.

If you don’t like Google, a good alternative is Talkwalker. I use both in my feeds. is a content aggregator of popular English-language news/tech/Apple/sports/lifestyle/business/edu sites.

Take a look at the sites they follow in the categories that interest you; all of them have RSS feeds you can figure out. Here’s the Tech section. and here is the Apple-focused list.

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Definitely I also like Hacker News.