550: The World of RSS


Stephen and David mentioned writing your own RSS feeds. I’m still doing this with Feeder, made by the same developer who makes Keep-It.

The Daily Lectionary podcast feed is crafted “by hand” with Feeder. Actually writing RSS by hand is sillypants, but Feeder makes it as fool-proof as possible.

I use basically the same Markdown that I use with MarsEdit to write the The Daily Lectionary blog posts.

The reason that I started using Feeder was that I can schedule it to post at a specific time. Truthfully, the website (hosted on WordPress) should be creating the podcast feed, but I just haven’t had a chance to do that. My idea was that I could have a separate feed for the podcast and the blog, so I could post articles to the blog, but honestly, that hasn’t happened.

I have this task to set up a workflow using RSS and either increase my productivity or permit additional density of information into my mind. Probably the latter.

@MacSparky & @ismh thanks for the timely topic.

I think Goggle tried to bury RSS readers simply to do as the other big tech internet companies try to do and keep your attention capture on their respective sites. Something RSS feeders tend to circumvent.


ok that episode was hard to listen to… to hear two dudes on a show called Mac POWER Users complain that the most powerful RSS app on iOS isn’t pretty enough… especially when Fiery Feeds allows users to create their own themes. If it’s not “pretty” enough, we can fix it ourselves. Fiery Feeds is a worthy successor to Mr.Reader on iOS for power users. The URL schemes and theming ability make it extremely flexible.

don’t forget that Fiery Feeds is also available on macOS now. It brings the same automation and theming that we enjoy on iOS. It’s a little bit of an upfront investment at $30 but there is no subscription. so skip a week at Starbucks and try it.

getting off my RSS app soapbox now. :slight_smile:


I have to correct the hosts here. I also use Feed Wrangler but David _Smith said to me on Twitter that FeedWrangler is mostly in maintenance mode at this point. I sent him 3 support email in February and still haven’t received a reply. Specifically, I love how FeedWrangler supports the ability to mute words and phrases, but the way to go about doing it is not really easy to understand and it doesn’t work in practice in my experience.

Does anyone else know about an RSS service that supports muting of key words?


Never heard of Fiery Feed, so thanks for your post and I’ll try it out. I’m currently a Unread user on iOS and a Reeder user in the Mac. Curious to see how good Fiery Feed is.

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I absolutely agree with this, I have near the identical theme as Unread, plus all the power features of Fiery Feeds.


Slightly off-topic: I use Stoop Inbox for newsletters. The iOS app is pretty enough. (Dark mode and folders aren’t available in the free tier. If you want those, you’ll need to subscribe.) There’s no macOS app; if you want to read your newsletters on your Mac, you have to use a web view. I’ve pinned my Stoop tab it right next to my Feedly tab, and it works just fine. Even though I’d set up lots of rules to manage newsletters in my email inbox, it still felt like distracting clutter to have them lurking there. Stoop is an improvement in that regard.

There are a couple of project / interest area specific rss and newsletter feeds that I route into the relevant Devonthink database so I can focus my attention on them—and them alone—when I’m actively working there.

I themed myself an Amber Monchrome look for the macOS version. I love the look of old school amber terminals so when iTerm 2 and FieryFeeds are open next to each other it looks really cool. of course that’s a Mac Power User thing, not a Mac Pretty User… :smiley:

until FieryFeeds released its macOS version I had given up on rss readers for the Mac. Reeder has always been a “there are no other options so you have to use it” reader on the Mac. Its stale design and inability to be scripted made me just stick to iOS only for RSS. Now with FieryFeeds on macOS I am slinging posts into specific projects in omnifocus, sharing to fantastical, sparkmail, drafts, tweetbot, etc. etc. just like I do on iOS. I hope @MacSparky and @ismh give it a try before their next RSS podcast.

Fiery Feeds on iOS only shows subscription to me, and last I used it, it was this way. Which is why I use Reeder because I love RSS, but there’s no way I’m going to subscribe to a reader app. Is there a lifetime purchase somewhere?

Full disclosure, I was an original purchaser of FieryFeeds so my subscription was grandfathered in at $4.99/year. I would still pay the $10/year as RSS is worth it to me. I am no fan of subscriptions either but we all adopt apps that we really like and a sub makes sure it doesn’t disappear like Mr.Reader. The macOS version of FieryFeeds does not require a subscription but it costs the same as a 3 year subscription to the iOS version. I tell my friends that if they are happy with reeder, they probably don’t need fieryfeeds. FF is for users who need more and you know you need more when you notice how limited reeder is.


FYI Reeder 3 went free a week or two ago for both Mac and iOS. Presumably Reeder 4 is coming soon.

I think Unread offers the best iOS reading experience, but it’s not one of the apps for which I’d pay a subscription. (And I do happily subscribe for the right apps.)

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Reeder 4 for macOS has been out for a while and it wasn’t a big change from 3

This episode inspired me to shop around for a different RSS reader. Inoreader, my current choice, is overkill for my needs, and my subscription expires in 6 weeks.

I took a look at News Explorer this morning but it does not seem to support feeds in multiple folders.

Now I’m trying Feedbin (not for the first time) and I like it. Its display of tweets is better than Inoreader’s. I’ll try Feedbin in NetNewsWire at some point.

I recently unsubscribed to my firehose feeds – New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc. – and am visiting their home pages and/or subscribing to newsletters instead.

Also, on a personal note, while I usually listen to MPU while I exercise Sunday afternoon, lately here in San Diego it’s been too HOT to go out in the afternoon, so I’ve switched to first thing in the morning. It can be tough to get out of a comfortable bed knowing that exercise, rather than a nice cup of coffee, is what awaits me first. Knowing I had MPU waiting for me made that easier!

Which theme is that? Can you please share it ?

I never liked the default UI of Fiery Feeds very much.

Can you please post a screenshot of your theme in action?

It’s actually version 4 that went free recently.

thats the appropriate price point for reeder. :smiley:

Enjoyed the episode. For the developers reading this, the NNW team in Slack is friendly if you’d like to help develop support for your preferred RSS service.