Solved - Constant pop-ups for iTunes login - iPhone XS

Hi all,

The last week or so, my iPhone XS has been prompting me to login to iTunes. This happens whether I’m on WiFi or cellular, and when i am using any app. But seems to happen the most when I am using Waze while driving - not a great time for a pop up!

Any ideas on how to fix this? I logged out of iTunes in settings, restarted the phone, and signed back in. I’ve even tried signing out of iPhone and iPad at same time, and doing the restart and sign in.

Thanks for any advice! It’s been driving me slightly nuts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you have auto downloads turned on for the App Store?

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Perhaps related:

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I do have that turned on - I’ll try to disable it and see if that works! Thanks!

Thanks - I must have missed that post!

I think I figured out my issue with iTunes login pop up on my iPhone. My iMac had restarted and was not logged in to iTunes. So auto updates and downloads seemed to be affected by this. Once I logged back in on Mac, iOS pop-ups went away!