✅ SOLVED PDF Download Works in Chrome but not Safari, Why?

I was doing research on organizational life-cycles. I found a great summary table in PDF format that I wanted to save to my research folder. The PDF would not download using Safari but downloaded perfectly using Chrome/Brave. Does anyone know why?

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 10.47.41 AM


I called Apple support. After some trouble shooting it turns out that I’d deleted the download folder icon from my dock (this was intentional) so what was happening is that the PDF was downloading but I was not given any indication that it was. No “click visual” from the icon, no bouncing download folder on the dock and no progress bar at the top right on Safari. In short, it was working but with no visual cues. After dragging the download folder from Finder back to the dock everything is working correctly. In other words, user error but who knew? :person_shrugging:

For the record, this is my first error of the year. :wink:

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You have to right click and choose ‘open in preview’ if you want to download it in Safari.

Yes and I can export to PDF from the File Menu. What is odd is that the three of the icons on the context menu panel that shows up in Safari (see below) work as intended (those with the red outline) but the download icon cannot be invoked. I wonder if this is a bug or a security feature.

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 11.15.26 AM

that download button works for me, is there a plug in that’s blocking it?

Edit: didn’t see that when i tried it before :slight_smile:

I’m running Safari 15.3 with the 1PW extension, and the download button works for me too. ,

I’m using 1Blocker. That may be my problem. I’ll disable it and see if it works then.

That did not help. In fact, I uninstalled every extension, restarted Safari and I’m still not able to get the download button to work. Hmmm… :thinking:

When all else fails I create a new account on my Mac for testing. If the problem occurs in the test account, it’s system wide. If not, it’s frequently something I configured incorrectly, etc.

It’s not a solution to my problem, but it helps me narrow down the cause.

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Next time a new document vanishes (downloaded or created somewhere) you can do a search for the file type and add the condition Date Added is today:

Actually just doing ⌘F in finder and saying Date added is today will do the job, but typically there are lots of system like files that will also appear and clutter the search results.

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Granted but I had no idea the file had downloaded. I was looking for some cue which I never received. Again, this was entirely user error.

I agree, besides, I’d much rather blame the design than me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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