Some of my NotePlan templates and use cases

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I think I visited it several times, and on about the third try, it stuck. Of course during that time, I developed and changed too.
The developer is responsive, spends a lot of time on the NotePlan Discord server. He also hires people with expertise when he needs them. That’s so much better than trying to do everything yourself, but doing it badly.

Here are a few templates I’m using with the Templates plugin.

  • Meeting template - things that took me a while to realize I need to think about related to (most) every meeting.

  • Project Template - things to think about when creating a project, or considering agreeing to take on a project.

  • Project Actions Template - lists of next actions related to a project. There is a section for light notes here, but anything extensive would go into a separate note. When actions are completed or cancelled, you can press ⌘⇧A and the tasks will be moved to either the Done or Cancelled section, as appropriate.

I usually have a folder for each project, then have a note created from the Project Template named with a 0: prefix, so it will sort to the top. The note from the Project Actions Template is named with a 1: prefix, so it sorts just below the project note. e.g.

EEG Project
    0: EEG Project
    1: EEG Project Next Actions

Here’s what the 1: EEG Project Next Actions note might look like. >today is a special date that causes the task to show up today, which will be every day until it is finished (i.e. every day is today).

And when I press ⌘T to go to today’s note, it looks like this:

You can see I just started taking notes on a video I was watching in today’s note, like an animal. I’m becoming okay with this. Sometime later, I’ll create a note in an appropriate folder like Statistics and move these notes over. It lowers the friction of actually getting started on things.

I’d be interested in hearing how others are using NotePlan!


Good stuff. I use Agenda, which is a direct competitor to Noteplan (IMO) and this is the template I’ve converged on and use a few hundred times a year.






Really helps me. I’m thinking of adding a second paste based on your pre-meeting questions, though, that would go into my Pre: section when it’s that kind of meeting. I currently note similar things but it’s more freeform.


No person uses the same app twice, for it is not the same app and they are not the same person.

Thanks for sharing these.

That >today trick is something I shall figure out how to steal in Obsidian…

I also love the idea of applying a project template before “agreeing to take on a project.” I want to hear more: what’s this process look like? Do you do it even if the project is not something you’re doing with/for anyone else?

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I just started using NotePlan this last month and it is settling in so nicely to my workflow. It is better than Agenda for me (I think it’s the colors, idk) and the way it organizes everything is nice. I liked Obsidian a lot, but to get it to what I have found as the bare minimum in NotePlan is just a little too fiddly.

I am treating very much like a digital bujo. That’s pretty much my secret.

I have added a folder that isn’t in PARA or bujo and that is logs/meeting notes. Phone calls go in one folder, staff meetings another, one on ones another, etc. Then I’ll tag them appropriately. That has worked really well for me.

Soon I’m fiddle with templates, but out of the box it’s been amazing.

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Ooooo, very Heraclitean. πάντα ῥεῖ. No one boots the same Mac twice. :laughing:


Yeah, it seems like I should like Agenda, but somethings off with it for me. Maybe the colors contribute, lots of orange isn’t my favorite.

I modified Toothbleach a bit in NotePlan, and it’s sitting well with me.

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I like that look a lot.

I’m rocking the solarized light and the black morning right now.

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Well this is always fun. :partying_face: I’ll share my setup here and what I’m doing. Sorry for the long post. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Folder Structure

  • Projects are in the root folder, named by YYYY.MM - Project Name for sorting purposes and later reference.
  • Year folders to sort completed projects for archival.
  • Resources holds random notes.
  • Summaries for when I run reports on completed tasks.
  • Upcoming/Waiting is where I put current projects that are on hold for some reason. Either I can’t work on them yet, or I’m in a holding pattern waiting on someone else.

Daily Notes

  • I start my day with a simple list of things I need to do.
  • I have all my routines in Reminders. I’ve hidden them inside NotePlan. 1. Because I don’t want them cluttering up the sidebar. 2. These are typically things that I need to do, but aren’t earth shattering if I don’t get to them.
  • Every morning I take a look at Reminders and move over any tasks that I’m looking to complete that day into that’s day’s note.
  • Then I will sort my list into some priorities at the top usually under a heading like Big 3 or !!!, just to see what I’m majorly working on that day.

  • At the end of the day I extract my day’s events into a bulleted list using a Shortcut.
    • I use my custom highlighting to reflect what Area I was working on during those times. I probably could automate that based on the calendar the event came from, but I haven’t done that yet.
    • Then I move my completed tasks underneath each time block so I can see how my day ended up laying out work wise.
  • I also take random notes throughout the day. If I see something I want to save. Did I watch an interesting video, podcast, etc…? Typically at the end of the week I move these into Notion for long-term storage.

I think that about sums it up. :upside_down_face: It’s been a long road to get to this point with NotePlan and really my entire task system, but I’m fairly happy with where I’m at now.

Lastly, here’s a full look at my theme: